Recycling at Fanshawe

Journey to Zero Waste

Waste Diversion

Our goal is to divert 65% of Fanshawe's waste from landfill by encouraging students, staff, and faculty to recycle and compost on campus. Please help us reach our goal by learning how to separate your waste and recycle at Fanshawe!

Last year, our waste audit revealed that 69% of the waste that went to landfill could have been composted and 20% could have been recycled. Organics and paper waste need special attention this year, as they are the most waste items generated on campus. We all have a responsibility to recycle and compost in an effort to support the culture of sustainability here at Fanshawe College.


Green Tips

-Always follow the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

-Buy only what you need

-Look for reduced packaging

-Bring a reusable mug and water bottle

-Donate items you no longer need

-Buy Used

-Recycle e-waste at the Bookstore

-Always separate your waste!