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September 11

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Today is Friday, September 11th of 2020 – and we mark the anniversary of 9/11. On this day, 19 years ago, terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people in attacks against the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and on Flight 93. Many of you were not born, yet, and do not remember the fateful day. This is not an event in a history book. It is part of who we are as Americans and WE CAN NOT FORGET IT’S MEANING.

It was a day of confusion, and a day of sorrow. It was a day of disbelief and a day of anger. It was also a day of heroes and a time where Americans came together to ensure that the sacrifices of those who were victims on that day - would not be forgotten. WE WILL NOT FORGET THE LOSS.

This terrorism was not abroad or part of a war on foreign soil. This terrorism was here – on U.S. soil and the victims were not soldiers but husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, workers and bosses and friends and neighbors. Thousands more were injured or are suffering today from the after effects of that day. WE WILL NOT FORGET THEIR SACRIFICE.

This was a day where firefighters, police officers, EMTs, rescue workers, soldiers and everyday citizens rushed into the destruction to save lives. In a moment of terror, they forgot themselves and only thought of others. They risked their own lives because of the value of every human life – the value of each of our own lives. In that moment they made their own decision to help another human being. WE CANNOT FORGET THEIR COURAGE.

Remember, too, that September 11th is Patriot Day and a National Day of Service and Remembrance. On this day Americans across the country are called to volunteer in their local communities in tribute to the individuals lost and injured in the attacks, first responders, and the many who have risen in service to defend freedom. Above all, everyone can be kind and be of service.


Congratulations to CHS Golfer, DJ Mathus for shooting a career best 41 vs. Tempe at Rolling Hills Golf Course.

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Mrs. Alice Goodrick was elected to serve on the Board of Directors as a Regions 1 Representative for Arizona Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (Arizona FCCLA)

for the 2020-2021 school year. Mrs. Goodrick will serve a two year term, with her term ending at the close of the 2022 State Leadership Conference.



MONDAY - Over Dressed VS Under Dressed

Dress in your fanciest or laziest attire

Tuesday - City VS Country

Put on some street wear or strap on your boots

Wednesday - College VS Kinder

Dress up as a Frat/Sorority or your favorite childhood fits

Thursday - Past VS Future

Go back in time or dress for the future

Fish and Trap Club Parent Meeting, Library 6:00 PM

Friday - Upperclassmen VS Underclassmen

Combs Gear

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The Writing Lab is now available in room 493 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning 9/15.

The goal of the Lab is to encourage and support writing across the curriculum. If you have a writing assignment, we might not be able to assist in content, we are there for structure and format, the writing component. We are very excited to bring the Writing Lab to the Combs campus!


Hey, Class of 2021! This is your year and we have a lot to do to make sure you are ready for graduation and beyond. Take a moment and go through the list below...each step is designed to help you get where you want to be!

  1. Review your transcripts/Credit check form. You would have received these documents in an email, in the mail, or both. Are you on track? Do you need to make up classes? Do you have questions? Make an appointment with your counselor if you aren't sure!
  2. FAFSA opens October 1! Students can start their FAFSA application as soon as it opens. FAFSA is required for students who are attending any post secondary training, and most schools use the information to determine scholarship needs. Many students will be eligible for grants to help pay tuition...this is money that doesn't have to be repaid! Need extra information? You can make an appointment with your counselor or ASK BENJI! Benji is an excellent resource for all FAFSA can access that help here:
  3. Civics Testing, October 12-16. The Civics test is required by the State of Arizona to graduate. Students who have not taken, or who have failed, the Civics test will be scheduled for one of these days.
  4. School Day SAT, October 14. The SAT is a college entrance exam that could result in higher scholarship rewards with a good score. Normally students would have to take this test at full cost, on a Saturday. With the SAT at school, they can take it on campus during the school day AND get a discount. Students can sign up in the counseling office and pay their $32.50 (normally $52.50) in the bookstore.
  5. ASVAB, October 20/21. The ASVAB is a test that is administered by the military (it is NOT a military test, students who take the test are under no obligation to speak to a recruiter, nor do they have to sign up for the military). CHS requires students to take the test in order to discover strengths and abilities they may not have been aware of before. Students can plug their score into the ASVAB website, take an interest survey and an entire world of employment possibilities is opened to them, along with state by state incomes, degrees or certifications in that area, what schools offer these degrees or certifications, and a link to the FAFSA to help pay for school. It's a GREAT tool!
  6. Keep working hard! Senior-itis is real...don't let it get you down. Need to chat? Make an appointment with your counselor.

You've got this!



After-School Tutoring at CHS

As we return to in-person learning, after-school tutoring/learning options will resume. Please note that different subjects have different start dates.

Tuesday/Thursday: 2:30 - 4:45 (Bus home for in-district students leaves campus at 4:45pm; students will be given a bus pass by their teacher/tutor in order to ride the bus home)

Math Tutoring: (Begins Tuesday 9/8): Room 406 (or virtual for virtual students)

Sign up with your math teacher. You may sign up for one or both days weekly; however, this is subject to change based on student need. Sign ups will be utilized to maintain social distancing. Work with one or more math teachers to review/practice current (or old) math concepts. [Virtual students, your math teacher will provide you with the link for Google Meet]

Writing Lab: (Begins Tuesday 9/15): Room 493

Sign up with your English teacher. This is not limited to English writing assignments but is open to ALL subject area writing! Get help perfecting your writing from an English teacher! [Virtual students, your English teacher will provide you with the link for Google Meet]

Edgenuity Lab: (Begins Tuesday 9/8) Room 339

Combs High School offers an after school tutoring lab for students enrolled in Edgenuity.

Students will sign in to the lab on arrival. No early sign-ups are necessary but will change if needed to accommodate social distancing.

Student-Athlete Study Hall: (Begins Tuesday 9/8) Room 339

Combs High School offers extensive opportunities for all students to participate in the activities of their choice as an integral part of their school program. Athletic team, club, and class experiences are designed to help satisfy the recreational, social, emotional, and extended academic needs and interests of all students. Combs High School is committed to fostering academically successful Student-Athletes. All Student-Athletes must keep eligibility through maintaining passing grades in all credit-bearing classes as verified through a bi-weekly grade check.

Combs High School offers an in-person tutoring lab for Student-Athletes who may seek help or be assigned remediation to help maintain eligible academic status. A Student-Athlete may elect to attend the tutoring lab to help maintain eligible academic status. Athletic coaches may require a Student-Athlete to attend the tutoring lab to help maintain eligible academic status. Student-Athletes will not be penalized for attending the tutoring lab during practice time. It is the student-athlete's responsibility to inform their coach of attendance at the tutoring lab. Student-Athletes are required to sign in while attending the tutoring lab and this record will be shared with Athletic Coaches. The tutoring lab will be in 339 Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 - 4:45. A student will be released back to practice through the approved signature of the tutor on staff.


Traditional lunches will not be served on Wednesdays. Students may pick up a pre-made grab and go meal from the cafeteria after school. Lunches will not be permitted to be eaten on the bus. You must keep it on your person until you have gotten off the bus.

Parking Permit

Parking Permit

All students that will be driving to school will be required to purchase a parking pass. They can do so in the bookstore or online at the Combs Coyote Web store. If you choose to purchase your permit online you will still need to stop by the bookstore to pick up your permit and provide necessary paperwork.
The Daily Rundown: 9.11.20 (1)


This year our school district has adopted a new information system that all schools will be utilizing in place of School Master and Jupiter. For many of you, this is old news, but for anyone that has not yet accessed their Student or Parent VUE - Below is the link to access both.

Students must access their student email before their Student VUE and Parent VUE.

Contact the high school front office if assistance is needed. We have also created an IT help line for your convenience, 480-987-5314, or you can email your questions to

PARENTS - Please check your contact information in your Parent VUE for accuracy and make needed changes.




Due to Covid we are not able to do the CAC connect office live on your school campus so we are going virtual again for the fall semester.

We will have zoom check-in and chat sessions for students and parents on Wednesday’s starting promptly at 5pm for them to ask questions they have regarding CAC & details of how to become a CAC student.

Girls GOLF vs. Tempe, North

Monday, Sep. 14th, 3pm

21515 East Village Loop Road North

Queen Creek, AZ

BADMINTON @ Thunderbird

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 4pm

1750 West Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, AZ

Boys GOLF @ Gilbert

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 3pm

1800 West Guadalupe Road

Gilbert, AZ

vs. Campo Verde, Maricopa and Gilbert

Girls GOLF @ Maricopa

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 3pm

42660 W Rancho El Dorado Parkway

Maricopa, AZ

vs. Estrella Foothills and Maricopa


Thursday, Sep. 17th, 4pm

1730 South Mill Avenue

Tempe, AZ

SWIM @ Skyline

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 4pm

845 South Crismon Road

Mesa, AZ

Notice of Non-Discrimination

J.O. Combs Unified School District #44 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age or sexual orientation in admission and access to its programs, services, activities, or in any aspect of their operations and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. J.O. Combs Unified School District #44 also does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices. The following employees have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Compliance Officer for Title IX , Athletic Director, 2505 E. Germann Road, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 or 480-882-3540 and Compliance Officer for Section 504/ADA, Director of Student Services, 43371 N. Kenworthy Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 or 480-987-5300.

El Districto Escolar Unificado de J.O. Combs #44 no discrimina en base a su raza, color, religión, origen nacional, sexo, discapacidad, edad, o la orientación sexual para la admisión y su acceso a sus programas, servicios, actividades, o en cualquier aspecto de sus operaciones y proporciona un acceso igualitario a los Boys Scouts y otro grupos de jóvenes designados. El Districto Escolar Unificado de J.O. Combs tampoco discrimina en sus prácticas de empleo y contratación. Los siguientes empleados han sido designados para manejar las preguntas en cuanto a las pólizas de no discriminación: Funcionario de Cumplimiento de Título IX, Director Atlético 2505 E. Germann Road, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 or 480-882-3540 and Funcionario de Cumplimiento para la Sección 504/ADA, Director de Servicios Estudiantiles, 43371 N. Kenworthy Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140 or 480-987-5300.