PBIS Update

Here we go ! Help with implementation

Referral forms

Hello Teachers,

There are a lot of questions about the minor behavior referrals and the notice of concern forms.

Here's a brief explanation of the difference:

MBIs are based on behavior. If a student commits a minor offense in your classroom or in the hall etc., an MBI may be written. These "small referrals" are documented in PowerSchool under log entries. After the third MBI, the student then begins to receive major referral consequences for their behavior. The pink copy will be sent back to you after it has been processed.

Just in case, here are some examples of minor behavior:

The following behaviors could be considered as, but not limited, minor offenses and should be handled in the classroom and documented with an MBI.

  • Minor classroom disruptions (ex. excessive talking)
  • Failure to follow directions
  • Agenda pass violation
  • Minor horseplay
  • Failure to follow classroom procedure/expectation

A Notice of Concern may be based on behavior and/or academics, however it is not a discipline referral. It should serve as a form of communication to the student's parent/guardian. This notice is sent home to parents and a copy filed for that school year. If you wish, you are welcome to attach a letter or newsletter from your classroom to accompany it. Please send the Notice of Concern to the appropriate administrator and it will then be mailed home. A copy will be sent back to you.

If you are running low on either, please know we have ordered more and they are on the way !

Video - PBIS in high school

Please take a look at this video. It is a great example of how PBIS "looks" within a high school.