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August 9, 2019

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August 9th - BINGO Night - 5:00 - 7:30 pm

August 13th - 2nd Grade Parent Night - 6:00 - 7:15 pm

August 14th - Newcomers Coffee - 9:00 am

August 15th - 1st Grade Parent Night - 6:00 - 7:15 pm

August 22nd - PTA Board Meeting - 10:00 am (all are welcome to attend)

August 22nd - 3rd Grade Parent Night - 6:00 - 7:15

August 29th - 4th Grade Parent Night - 6:00 - 7:15 pm

September 2nd - Labor Day Holiday - School is closed

September 5th - 5th Grade Parent Night - 6:00 - 7:15 pm

September 9th - Enrichment Parent Meeting - 6:00 pm

Greystone Newcomers Coffee

Wednesday, Aug. 14th, 9am

300 Village Street

Birmingham, AL

This is a wonderful opportunity for Greystone Elementary School to personally welcome you and your family. You will have the opportunity to meet the PTA board, talk with Dr. Stocks and share questions, concerns and ideas.

A Special Thank You to “FIRST WATCH” for generously donating the coffee and muffins.

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Have you heard? We are implementing a HOUSE system at Greystone this year. These teams or "Houses" will consist of faculty and staff from the school, as well as students from K - 5th grades. A house system will help build a sense of community and connectedness among our entire school community.

This morning we had an assembly with our entire school (minus PreK)!!! I need to brag on your children because they had AMAZING behavior! I was so so proud of them, especially our kindergarten students. During the assembly, our students got to learn about each of our 5 houses and be introduced to many of the faculty members of each house.

On Thursday next week, during PE, every student in grades K - 5th will get to participate in a random drawing to see which house they will get to join. I told the students that their house selection is left to fate! We want to encourage all students to be proud of their house and to encourage successes from the other houses, too.

We will be sharing more information as we proceed, but wanted to give you some details in case your child was talking about it at home.

We have had a wonderful two days and are excited about this school year!

Stacey Stocks



Thanks to many of you who have already paid your registration fees. Many of you have also paid for field trips, too!

Please make sure that you click on the green registration fee box to pay the instructional donation, order a yearbook, and pay any additional fees for your child's grade level. These are listed as optional because we are not allowed to require any fees at the elementary level. We are afraid some of you might have missed the green box! If you missed it, you can go back into My School Fees and should see the green box! Please refer to the screenshot below.

This year, we reduced the suggested instructional donation to $25, but added another box for you to make any additional donation to the school. Donations to charitable organizations, like public schools, are typically tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!!

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Attention: Fifth Graders Interested in Serving on Safety Patrol

Our Safety Patrol serves a vital function at Greystone. They are responsible for making sure that students get in and out of their cars safety and efficiently.

If your fifth grader is interested in serving either in the morning or afternoon, please click here for more information. Students who serve on Safety Patrol must apply through the link on the flyer.

are you a 5th grader and interested in serving your school?

The Greystone Ambassadors are 5th graders, selected through an application and interview process, who serve as hosts for our school. They serve in a variety of leadership roles which could include community service, mentoring, giving tours to prospective families, and hosting school events.

If you are interested in applying, click here for complete information. Applications are due by August 19th at 8:00 am.

PTA Information!

PTA Membership Registration:

We are striving to have 100% family PTA membership! The cost per family is only $10 and no other commitment is required. The funds help go towards many fun events and educational opportunities for the school. Click this link to join today and help us reach our 100% membership! You can also order Greystone Field Trip t-shirts on this link, if you haven’t already.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are always needed throughout the year. Please fill out this form if you have any interest in being contacted via email when these events or committee needs come up. No obligation, this form just allows us to reach out to you about the volunteer opportunities.

The flyers below each have QR codes. The codes are a direct link to the PTA Membership page and volunteer form.

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Remember that students must be accompanied by an adult at this event!

Child nutrition information

Cafeteria Meal Prices

    • Breakfast all grades $1.55
    • Elementary Lunch $2.40
  • Adult meal prices will increase slightly due to a mandated USDA annual calculation
    • Breakfast $1.80 - no change
    • Lunch $3.30 - increase $.05


Effective August 1, 2019, PayPAMS fee structure for online depositing into Cafeteria Accounts will change to a fee per family rather than per student. If a parent/guardian is paying for multiple students at once, they will only be charged one convenience fee of $1.95

Free/Reduced Priced Meal Applications

Will be available on the Hoover website by July 29, 2019

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Donations are needed!!

Dear Parents,

Our enrichment teachers and librarian are currently working on an innovative plan, and we need your help! We know that many families clean out garages and closets over the summer. If you come across any of these items that you plan to get rid of, would you consider donating them to our school instead?

Perhaps you have old birthday party decorations that match one of our themes, or perhaps you've decided to clean out that overcrowded bucket of cute stuffed animals. Please see the lists of items below. Your trash could be our treasure!

We will be using one classroom in our school for a quarterly room transformation centered around an animal theme. The classroom teachers will be able to bring their students to this room to do engaging lessons addressing grade level standards. Room transformations prove to increase engagement for students and provide a unique avenue for learning.

We plan to use these resources for years to come as we build a "library" of room transformation kits for our school. We will have 4 large labeled buckets in the foyer of our school if you find any items that will help with our plans. Feel free to bring these to the school during our working hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. Thank you so much!

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Our Greystone Motto

Learn - Lead - Leave a Legacy

Our Greystone Mission

As a school community, we empower learners, inspire leaders, and encourage all children to reach their potential.

Our Greystone Vision

Empowering a generation of learners and leaders to leave a legacy.

Greystone Elementary

Greystone Elementary is committed to ensuring all information is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you have a disability or face any barriers accessing website content, please contact (205) 439-3200.
EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES  (Board policy, 6.6) No student will be unlawfully excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity offered or sponsored by the Board on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, disability, creed, national origin, sex, immigrant or migrant status, non-English speaking ability, or homeless status. All career and technical education opportunities are offered to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. The district also provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Mrs. Claire Moore, IDEA Coordinator Mrs. Marley Stephens, Section 504 Coordinator Dr. Debra Smith, Title I Coordinator Dr. Cindy Adams, Title II Coordinator Mrs. Claire Moore, Title III Coordinator Dr. Tera Simmons, Title IX Coordinator Hoover City Schools 2810 Metropolitan Way Hoover, AL 35243 (205) 439-1000  EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY  (Board policy, 5.13.1) The Board is an equal opportunity employer. Personnel actions and decisions will be made without regard to factors or considerations prohibited by federal or state law (as such laws may from time to time be amended), including but not limited to race, gender, age, disability, national origin, citizenship, and religious preference. Subject to the limitations set forth in 4.6.2, the general complaint (grievance) policy (4.6.1) may be used to present any complaint alleging unlawful discrimination or harassment. Inquiries regarding compliance and complaint procedures can be directed to:  Mary Veal, Equal Opportunity Employment Coordinator  Hoover City Schools 2810 Metropolitan Way Hoover, AL 35243 (205) 439-1000