My Future

Mariah Vaughan

Left Brained

Left brain thinkers usually remember things specifically studied while also needing quiet to read or studied. They also enjoy doing things in a planned and orderly way. Left brain thinkers tend to like tracing pictures and prefer well structured assignments over open ended assignments.
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Color and letter Personalities

Extroversion people prefer to focus on the outer world of people.

Sensing people focus on the present and the concrete information from senses

Feeling people prefer decisions based on values and person centered concerns

Judgement people prefer a planned and organized approach to life

Gold personality

People with gold personalities have characteristics such as organized, honest. dependable, rule followers, and prideful.
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Motivation/Stress level/Team style

What motivates me is encouragement. Some people are motivated by discouraging words, but that just brings me down. The hope of the future also motivates me because I know that I can change the future if I want.

Stress is a well-known feeling in my life. Main things that stress me out are school, sports, and the fact that I have to pause my life to "visit" my dad. I don't get to live like most people my age because my dad won't work with me to do anything and when your my age you have to commit to things.

My team style is that I go along with what others say. I don't have to have everything my way.


I am an Extrovert which means I like talking to people all of the time and probably too much. I like to be around people and rarely like to be alone.

Kruder Results

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I want to be a pediatrician which is a childrens doctor. I would get paid $173,584.00 a year. I would need a doctoral degree and a professional degree. This would cover all I need for my budget and I want to have a husband who will work as well.

Top three career choices

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Pediatrician-a medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases.

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Flight Attendant-a steward or stewardess on an aircraft.

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Ophthalmologist- physician who specializes in the medical and surgical care of the eyes

Top College Choice

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Florida University

-Gainesville, Florida

-Public School

-50,000 students per year

-$37,000 per year

High Scool

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I am going to Bentonville West High School and I will graduate on May 23rd, 2020.


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