The Elite

Juanna Lopez


America Singer is a small girl with an enormous heart, after getting her heart broken by her now ex- boyfriend she enters the selection to fight for the heart of Prince Maxon. With only six girls left in the competition it is clear who Prince Maxon will choose ,but the question remains; will America choose Maxon ,and will she fight for a crown that should already be hers.

List Of Charaters

  • America Singer
  • Mrs & Mr singer
  • King & Queen schreave
  • Prince Maxon
  • Anne
  • Mary
  • Lucy
  • Aspen
  • Kriss
  • Celeste
  • Elise
  • Marlee
  • May
  • Gerad

Character Analysis


America is caring ,during the rebel attack she takes her maids into the safe with the royal family, even though it was against the rules and she could get into trouble.

OUTSTANDING: she stands up for everyone in the country and suggest that the caste system be eliminated ,which caused a lot of conflict between the people who agreed with her and the people who did not agree with her. But she never backed down she stood up for what she believed in.


" we shouldn't be characterized by our caste, our caste only proves how much money we have , we should be judged by our true character , we shouldn't let our caste decide who we are or what we will become."


you shouldn't let statistics determine what you become , because one day up might just be queen .

Important Event

America and Maxon are on a date in the gardens. They are laying down looking up at the stars.


I recommend this book to high school girls of all ages.