The Scarlett Letter

January/February 2022

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NC DKG Region IV

Theta Chapter

Wilmington, NC

Volume 4, Number 3

Message from the President

Happy New Year Theta and wishing you all the best for 2022!!!

New Year, New You!!! Make your presence known in DKG.

New members let us know if you have any questions about how to become active in DKG - Theta. We welcome new ideas and suggestions. We want everyone to feel welcomed and to let you know your membership counts. YOU matter!!! For those of us who have been here for a while, please reach out to our new members and get to know them. We have had some amazing ladies join Theta this past year. Also, Theta please reach out to the members that have been unable to join our meetings and send them encouragement. Let them know they are missed.

The Induction Ceremony that took place at our last meeting was one that we should be so proud of. It was indeed an honor to have NC DKG President Beth Winstead participate in that ceremony. We welcomed some amazing women to Theta. We look forward to every one of you being a part of Theta and all that you have to offer.

Thank you Theta for making the Foster Pantry Community Project a spectacular success and showing continued support for the Beginning Teachers. As the semester moves forward, let's get excited about our Grant Winners and their future presentations of how they creatively utilized the monies they've received. Theta, you should be so proud of the lives you have touched and changed within this past year. Let's keep it going!!!!

Theta, please consider attending the 2022 NC DKG Convention being held at the Asheville Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort on April 29-May 1. It will be a great time of learning, sharing and getting to know those from other chapters. Don't wait, make your plans now.

Theta thank you all for your commitment and making Theta amazing!! I appreciate you all!!

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting on January 29th.

Have a prosperous and healthy year ahead.

Stay safe! Stay well!


Kimberly Bigelow Stokes

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Theta Chapter President 2020-2022

Happy Birthday

Kathryn Batten - January 1st

Eva Battle - January 8th

Joyce Huguelet - January 13th

Linda Jobe - January 13th

Crissie Allen - January 18th

Dorothie Johnson - February 3rd

Connie Marks - February 4th

Leslie Pridgen - February 9th

Drew Pate - February 10th

Virginia Teachey - February 14th

Catherine Highsmith - February 15th

Melanie Ivey - February 24th

Chapter/State/International News

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Mark the Dates

Jan. 15-Feb. 15 Arts & Humanities Gallery submission window open

Jan. 24 ASK Time for chapter presidents

Jan. 25 Deadline to apply to present at the NC DKG Asheville convention

January 29 Theta Chapter Meeting

Jan. 31 NC DKG Educational Foundation Grants applications due

Feb. 1 Chapter President Annual Report due Feb. 1 Scholarship applications due for NC DKG & DKG International

Feb. 1 NC DKG News deadline

Feb. 28 ASK Time for chapter presidents

Mar. 1 Chapter Achievement, Golden Key, Rising Star, and Beginning Teacher Awards nominations due

Mar. 1 Newsletter Excellence, Website Excellence, and Communications Excellence Awards requirements due

Mar. 1 Bulletin: Journal submissions due

Mar. 1 DKGIEF Project applications due

Mar. 15 Deadline for vendor and ad forms for the convention

Mar. 15 Marilyn Gray Scholarship application deadline

Slate of Officers

Here is the Slate of Officers for 2022 to 2024

The Slate will be presented to Theta's membership for vote at the January 29th meeting

President: Connie Marks
1st VP: Judy Busick
2nd VP: Sylvia Quinn
Recording secretary: Linda Jobe
Corresponding secretary: Dorothie Johnson
Treasurer: Kitty Brunjes
Assistant Treasurer: Marie Allison
Parliamentarian - Mary Alice Settle
Historian - Kristy Prokop
Newsletter Editor - MaryPaul Beall

Scholarship Committee

Marilyn Gray Scholarships

Theta has sent a check for $15,000 to the NCDKG Educational Foundation to fund 5, $3,000 scholarships in Marilyn Gray's name. Applications will soon be available on their website,, for students enrolled in NC colleges who are seeking degrees in Elementary Education or Music Education. Please pass the word among those you know who might be interested in applying.

Beta Phi Scholarship

The 2021-2022 Endowed Scholarship brought to Theta by Beta Phi has been awarded to:

Ms Megan L. Smith

Hometown: Greenville, NC

Major: Elementary Education

The name of this Scholarship will now be "Delta Kappa Gamma (Theta Chapter) Scholarship Endowment"


DKG Theta's Scholarship Committee is happy to say that four project Grants of up to $500 each were awarded to teachers before they left school for the Christmas holiday. The winners are:

1. Lizette Day (NHCS Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist): "Kinder Coders"

2. Melinda Durant, Tracey Tugwell, Carrie Boos(4th Grade Teachers at Carolina Beach Elementary School): "Roll into Coding"

3. Haley Miles (1st Grade Teacher at Bradley Creek Elementary School): "Reading is Fundamental"

4. Mary Porter(3rd Grade Teacher at Pine Valley Elementary School): "Informational Guided Reading Texts"

Chapter Achievement

The deadline for submitting Theta's Chapter Achievement form to the NCDKG Awards Committee is March 1. We are busy tallying points, trying to reach last year's "Superior" level of achievement. Many thanks to everyone who has helped!

Membership Committee

Please let Connie Marks, Membership Committee chair, know if you need Prospect Cards which are used to submit names of prospective new members. So far, she has received one additional card since 5 new members were inducted at our November meeting. (A 6th new member who was not able to be present for the ceremony will be inducted at a later date.)

The new name, along with any others submitted by then, will be presented to the membership at the January 29 meeting.

Beginning Teachers Team Update

Do you remember how bare the school supply cabinet was at this time of year? The Beginning Teacher Team decided this is the perfect time to restock basic supplies and treat our beginning teachers with a few snacks. We will be gathering the items at our January meeting and delivering the gift bags to Virgo and Williston in February.

Supplies Needed: Highlighters, Sharpie Pens, Expo 4-pack Colors Dry Erase Markers, Expo Black 4-pack Dry Erase Markers, Pencils, Erasers, Small Post-It Notepads, Chapsticks, and Single serving Snacks including Cookies, Crackers, Chips, Sweet/Salty Mix, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Mints, Gum, and any other appropriate item you may want to provide.

I will be emailing you a link to sign up for specific items. If you have questions please contact Judy at or Sylvia at Thanks to each of you for your tremendous support of the team’s endeavors.

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Preparing for our Future

By Becky Sadowski 2020-2022 International President

Acknowledging that we are a member-driven organization includes understanding that the work of our organization is accomplished by women educators who are willing to serve. Society members at all three levels are encouraged to connect, collaborate, and contribute as they seek to make a difference.

To serve means to give of yourself whether by your time, talents, leadership, ideas, or support of the many other opportunities provided through membership in DKG. A wonderful aspect of service is that while it may benefit someone or something else, the person who is serving also benefits. Carrying out the mission of our organization provides members the opportunity to grow and make a difference in someone’s life or even in the world.

It’s exciting that chapters across the Society continue to invite women educators to become members and then assume the responsibility of helping support and encourage them as they pursue their passion for service. Do you inspire other DKG members? Are you someone who makes an effort to bring out the best in others?

One of our responsibilities as members is to identify women who will join us on our journey and assist us not only in carrying out our mission to serve but also in ensuring our sustainability. Inducting members and increasing the size of your chapter is a first step. What will you provide in your chapter life that will give those new members a strong sense of being connected in an organization that strives to remain relevant almost 100 years after it was founded? Discussing this topic within your chapter is critical. The information revealed in these discussions is a great way to guide decisions regarding programs and projects that will “fit” the needs of your members.

Some of you are aware that every month I have the amazing opportunity to participate in a Zoom session with new members throughout the Society who have joined DKG in the previous month. Remember, I am having conversations with women who have only been involved in the organization for a few weeks! At some time during the 1-hour Zoom, I try to ask two questions: “Why did you decide to join DKG?” and “What do you hope to experience as a member?” Listening to them describe how they feel about being a member and what they look forward to in their membership is so inspiring. Personally, it has given me a fresh insight into the expectations of members and has motivated me to work harder to share that important information with leaders at the chapter, state organization, and international levels.

In the last year I have been asked many times to speak about DKG with groups that aren’t familiar with our organization and its Founders. As I prepare for these opportunities, I am always reminded of the women who worked to ensure that we would be able to enjoy the benefits as well as the responsibilities of DKG membership. Their wisdom, courage, and forward thinking led the way. Now it is our turn to demonstrate our own passion for service and excellence.

Tech Tips

Follow these online safety and technology tips to help keep yourself safe:

1. Use good passwords

2. Guard your personal information

3. Be wary of unrealistic offers

4. Install reputable security software

5. Use privacy settings on social media

6. Don’t post personal information on social media

7. Avoid phishing scams

8. Report cyber abuse

9. Think before opening attachments

10. Set up two-step authentication

11. Know where you get your news

12. Monitor your online banking accounts

13. Backup your photos

2022 Convention Dates

Showcase Your Talents in Asheville - Present a Workshop

Do you have a skill or knowledge that other NC DKG members might like to learn? Members are encouraged to submit proposals for workshops to be held on Saturday, April 30, during the NC DKG Convention in Asheville. Proposals should fall into one of the four focus strands— Teaching and Learning, DKG Society, Self-Care, and Creative Fun. Join us in Asheville and show your stuff. For questions or more information, contact Second Vice President Tammy Cullom. The proposal form is available on the NC DKG website: Workshop Proposal Form Deadline: January 25th

International President to Attend NC DKG Convention in Asheville

International President Rebecca (Becky) Sadowski will be the Society Representative at the April 2022 NC DKG Convention in Asheville. Sadowski joined DKG in 1989 and has served in leadership positions at all levels of the Society. Her service includes Tennessee State Organization President, Southeast Regional Director, and International First and Second Vice President. She chaired the International Membership and Leadership Development committees and participated as a member of the Golden Gift Fund Committee. Sadowski retired as chair of the department of education at Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee.

NC DKG Convention

Friday, April 29th, 9am to Sunday, May 1st, 4pm

1 Resort Drive

Asheville, NC

International DKG Convention

Tuesday, July 12th, 8:45am to Saturday, July 16th, 12pm

New Orleans, LA, USA

New Orleans, LA

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