By: Rolando Flores & Tedi Turka

This product is better than any other product around.

This product is better than those other mediocre products like the "noodle cooler" or the "water proof hat". This product is giving the future of athletes a bigger chance to succeed especially because this has been approved in all major league sports.

It's been around

Tested by the best around in all sports. When Michael Jordan made his shoe commercial and they said "Is it the shoes?" Well they were lying it was the HYPER ATHLETE.

The release information

This product comes out on February 30th. Only for the low price of $65 at our HYPER ATHLETE store. This will be sold in Modell's, Sports authority, online and other sporting goods stores. Call one of our executives Tedi Turka at 201-957-4003.

SPECIAL DEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the month of November this product is not only out for an early release, everything that is purchased in our store will be 50% off.

The sweepstakes

There will be a sweepstakes held online or inline at our store. There will be a $100,000 award for the person who purchased the most amount of goods from our company.