Fall of the Tang Dynasty

618 - 907 AD

Natural disasters

The Tang dynasty had many natural disasters in the last hundred years.
In 858 the grand canal had a great flood and covered a lot of land in northern China.
In the year 873 a terrible drought fell upon the Tang dynasty causing famine throughout the people and livestock. This made the agricultural production decline massively.


In 874 - 884 people who survived the drought and famine stood up against the government. This was called the Huang Chao rebellion. Huang Chao was an emperor for three years in the Qin dynasty. He wanted to overthrow the Tang dynasty. Resulting in the rebels capturing the cities Chang'an and Louyang.

The End

After the Huang Chao rebellion small armies took over a few areas. Finally in 907 AD Zhu Wen removed Emperor Ai from power and was named the new emperor of the new empire.