Invasive Species

By: The Graces

Burmese Python

When the Burmese Python was a pet it would grow way to big so the owners had to put them in the wild. Most animals that are pets can't live in the wild but the Burmese Python can. The Pythons population got bigger and bigger. In the Everglades they were a threat to endangered species and even humans! They like to eat Key Largo wood rats, alligators, and round-tailed muskrats. More than 1,300 pythons were removed from the Everglades because they were growing continuously. When moved they went to Florida. They were not even allowed to be pets again!

Fascinating Facts

  • In the wild Burmese Pythons eat mammals, small reptiles, and even birds.
  • In the zoo they eat big rabbits and rodents.
  • You may have heard Indian Python that is the same thing as Burmese Python.
  • They are two feet long when they are hatched.
  • The snakes get over two hundred pounds.
  • Older Burmese Pythons are very relaxed, but little ones can be crazy and rough.
  • These snakes unlike others care for their eggs.
  • The first Python was discovered in 2007.
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More About Burmese Python

The Burmese Python reproduces by laying eggs. The Python effects Florida (were they live) by either trying to eat the animals or even threatening the animals which other animals need to eat. Before being moved to Florida they lived in Southeast Asia. The Burmese Python does not benefit it's ecosystem. The reason why the Burmese Python should stay alive is because it eats stuff that we don't want to much of in the world.