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Classroom Happenings Oct 10-14


This week in math we reviewed our entire topic focusing on multi-digit multiplication. The program calls the method "partial products" but it's actually the traditional method we learned as kids. I am totally fine with students using "lattice method" to check work, but some of the questions ask for what numbers fit in the first and second row of a traditionally computed problem (these are the partial products). So exposure/practice with the new method is our focus in class. On tests, they can use whatever strategy works best for them. We have our topic assessment today and will begin a new topic/unit next week. Sometimes homework practice will be online, and other times we will do paper hw (journal pages). If hw is online, I now require the students to show work on loose leaf paper, so I can help them if there were any errors. Please encourage your student to use both the question help tab and similar question tab for online work (if they need help/get the problem wrong.) This ensures their understanding of the concepts and also helps boosts their grade on that assignment. Students can always get 100% if they redo/fix their errors by the next day for paper hw, too. So every assignment can essentially be 100%. I don't expect new concepts to always be mastered the very first time a student tries them, so I believe the extra practice not only helps mastery of the skill, but also helps boost confidence. That's when the learning comes by leaps and bounds! The best help you can give your child at home is to encourage fact practicing. We have logins set up for Prodigy, Xtramath, and Frontrow. Check them out! The more practice your child gets with facts, the more free space s/he will have for more complicated math concepts.
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Reading, Writing, Spelling/Word study, and Grammar

We spent our shortened week being super creative and techy. Students collaborated in groups to write, perform, and film their very own plays. They were able to choose from taking a story we read from Unit 1 of Reading Street or making their own spooky story. Each group chose the spooky themed play. We went to the collaboration rooms in the library to video our plays. It was a FUN week spent being creative thinkers and performers! We will get back at Reading Street with the first story from Unit 2 next week, and we will also get back to our Spelling words, as well. Thanks for encouraging your child to study and learn Greek roots and also read each night, whether it's their BOB book, leveled reader, or any book of his/her choice. Practice = perfect progress!!!


We continued building our Land rovers using Vex Kits. The kids had a blast so far. We also had our last Challenger lesson to prepare for our field trip mission. We learned about how important it is to communicate clearly and be super good listeners and readers so we can be successful on "our mission in space". We did a fun space station/mission control contact to color our astronaut through communication only, not visually.

Important dates to remember

Oct 20- Spelling and Reading test

Oct 21- Challenger Field trip

Oct 25- Culver's Night

Oct 27- Greek Roots test

Oct 28- Fall party (2:25-3:20- all parents are welcome to join us!) & Spelling and Reading test

Nov 1- NEW date for Fundraiser (cookie dough) pick-up at Mackeben 4:30-7

Nov 4- Spelling, Reading, and Math tests

Nov 14- 5th grade musical- Arrive at 6:45pm

Music News


Conley Gym @ 7pm- Students arrive at 6:45pm

Our special part for the concert is rocking and rolling! Some classes are working on instruments and some are creating a dance. These parts can be complex and they're really coming together now! It's so exciting and rewarding for the kids to see how their hard work and effort pay off. Make sure you've marked the concert date on your calendar!


This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on conflict resolution. The students discussed some simple rules to solve a problem and watched a short video on what can happen if these steps aren't followed. The activities will allow the students an ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways.



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BE SURE TO SEND YOUR CHILD WITH A SACK LUNCH AND DRINK ON FRIDAY, OCT 21st! We will be eating lunch at the challenger field trip. Thanks so much!

A huge thanks to all who volunteered to come help on Oct 21st for our field trip! I wish you all could go! The lucky winners for Friday, Oct 21st are: Mrs. Hilliard, Mrs. Wasniewski, Mrs. Grabowski, and Mrs. Policheri. Please plan on arriving at 8:25 in order to board the buses with us. Bring a lunch and drink, too. Again, thanks to all who offered to come! Your willingness to support our classroom is so very much appreciated!

Brain Buster

When added together, how many days are there in the months of October, November, December?

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B 93

C 91

D 92