Dan Kincheloe

Me Poster

Where are you from?

I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I graduated from Sandalwood High School in June 2015 and Florida State College at Jacksonville in May that same year. Receiving my Associate's degree while in high school before receiving my high school diploma, I am technically a 3rd-year college student, but a Freshman to UCF.
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What is your major?

I am majoring in Mathematics and minoring in English for Creative Writing. I have always loved learning Math, and writing is something I like to do in my free time. I enjoy the puzzle-like qualities that Math has, as well as the logic required to perform different problems. In terms of writing, I often find myself using as many words as possible to describe things that I'm passionate about. I just feel I have a lot to say about a lot of things.

Why did you decide to become a part of EXCEL/COMPASS?

When my parents informed me of the EXCEL/COMPASS Programs at UCF, I believed that the program could provide the assistance I need to earn my Bachelor's degree. Many parents may have told their children to join the program, but I believed it would be worthwhile to join a STEM program with a Mathematics major. I knew the program had a lot to offer, which explains what I believe EXCEL/COMPASS will do for me.
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How do you think EXCEL/COMPASS will help you in your first year of college?

Since the semester has started, I have already discovered the many resources EXCEL and COMPASS has to offer. Perhaps the most helpful resource so far has been the study lab in the Technology Commons. In conjunction with the lab are the required 3 hours a week EXCEL and COMPASS students must spend in the lab. Many may see the lab hours as a stupid requirement, but they are meant to allow us time to work in peace and have graduate students help us if we are struggling. I plan to use these resources to my advantage so I can make this first year the best that I can.

Tell one unique fact about you.

As I previously mentioned, I already have my AA degree, though there were other students in the "Early College Program," as it was called, and isn't quite a unique fact. While it may not be very interesting to others, I think a unique trait I have is a fascination with music. Everyday I find music in my life, more times than none being used to aid me in studying, sleeping, etc. I also love playing music, piano being the primary instrument I play. If anything music comes simply to me, as I am a self-taught pianist of two years with only a couple general music classes. I believe my passion for music is unique because my mind nearly thinks to the beat of music, pun intended. It's difficult to properly describe, but music is a part of me that I find to be quite unique. Most of all, my favorite band is Pink Floyd, which heavily inspires my love for music.

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