Culture of Cameroon

The People

Cities are growing rapidly, but more than half of the citizions live in rural areas. People with complicaded leadership usally has a title and rank or education or wealth. There is more than half of the population is Chrisitan, while there is twice as many Catholics as Protestants. There is 100 languages in written and cameroon has 240 languages total.
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Men in africa shake hands to friends and coworkers just like people in the united states. Africans use there right hand for a gester by giveing a object, a greeting and and eating. cameroonians go to their friends and family after church on sundays or mosque on fridays. They bless there food to show that they don't take food for granted.

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life styles

Many as 10 children are found in rual families. Men marry at about the age 27 while women marry at age 20. Companies and soical clubs sponsored team and individual athletics. Drums and lutes are traditional insturments.
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The government that Cameroon serves is a unitary republic. By poor management and corruption economic has been inhibited. Boys more than girls are most likely to graduate school. emergency services are able to provide in hospitals but cannot provide basic care.
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