Section 1 Chapter 13

Ryann, Trevor, Fernando, Dominic, Austin, & Garland

Product Knowledge


-Testing a product

-Hidden pocket in a jacket you dont know about until you wear it

Published Materials and Web Sites:

-Gaining knowledge on aspects of a company

-Animal testing or outsourcing?


-Seeing an experienced worker do it first

Uggs outsourced to China. But due to lack of knowledge, they're still in popularity amoung consumers.

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Industry Trends and Competition

-Gaining an edge on competition

-Watching trends (New fashions)


- Involves cordinating of sales and promotional plans with buying and pricing.

- The right time and right places are all great ways to having people see your merchandise

Product Features

Basic Features:

-Apparent/Accepted without question

-Cars are for driving

Physical features:

-Jacket (wool fabric, easy clasps)

Extended Product features:

-Reputation of product or company


Customer Benefits

-Satisfactions a customer will recieve from a product

-Shoes that breath give comfort (benefit)

selling points, advantages, and customer motives

-tell customer what your product does

-tell customer why your product is better than competors

-find out your customers buying motives to have a selling strategy


-Looking for a new customer

-Expand business

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Prospecting Technique

Customer Referrals:

-When satisfied customers name other people who may buy

-Endless chain method is when a customer asks for names of potential customers\

Cold Canvassing:

-Locating as many potential customers as possible without checking leads
-Door to door selling, telemarketing, etc...

Employer Sales Leads:

-Sales teams

Qualifying Prospects

3 Questions:

-Do they need the product or service?

-Who has the athority for the purchase?

-Can they pay for the product?