Your Not The Only One

Caroline Bradley

1. What years were you in middle school?


2. What kinds of music, movies, and fashion were popular at the time?

The one movie that was the most popular was star- wars , and the music that everyone seemed to enjoy was everything written by Micheal Jackson. At the time, fashion was mostly based on being based on a preppy school look.

3. What were your favorite activities, hobbies, and interests?

My dad played football, baseball, basketball as his sports. For music he played the trombone and was in the high school band. Today he enjoys occasional trips to the beach, hunting with his dad in Delaware, and coaching the team that I'm on for Edgewood girls basketball league.

4. What was the best part of being in school?

Tons of great field trips and cool sites to visit!

5. Worst part?

My dad's dad made him wrestle for a period of time in middle school and it was not to fun for my dad to be part of.

6. How would you describe yourself in school?

Fairly shy, followed the rules, worked hard, and was always very organized.

7. What job interests do you have now? Is there a connection between what you liked now, and what you liked back then?

He now currently works in the citizens bank recruiting department and enjoys it enough to get out of bed every morning, but doesn't love it enough to complement it all day every day. My dad suggested that I find something that I like now and stick with it for my career because he explained to me that if you grow up and get a job that you don't like, you won't want to do it for the rest of your life.

8. Who was your favorite teacher?

His favorite teacher was Mrs. Tebeens, the English teacher for 6th grade.

9. What was your favorite class?

The favorite class that my dad enjoyed deeply was social studies.