BCCA MESSENGER February, 2022

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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Principal's Message

This month BCCA went on a field trip to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge to see the cranes while they are still here before migrating back to the north, a prefect wrap-up to the ornithology unit we have been doing school wide.

Studying about how God made each bird uniquely for a specific purpose is a wonderful lesson for the students – and reminder to the adults – that we are all made with a purpose in mind. Whether we have feathers or hair, wings or arms, God has a reason for each one of us to be here and will equip us with that we need to accomplish each task He asks us to complete.

Middle school students worked on creating their own birds, each with unique adaptations (beaks, feet, wings, etc.). Students are having to think about each part of the bird purposefully to make sure it will survive and thrive in the biome they have selected. This leads us to think intentionally about each part of us and how God has given us individual adaptations to survive and thrive (and how the devil tries to steal or squash these) on Earth.

As we wrap up this unit and look for the practical applications for our lives, I look forward to seeing the students at BCCA spread their wings and fly.

BCCA Principal

Cassie Fristoe

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Feb 14- 18 Week of prayer

Feb 21 - President's Day Holiday (No School)

Feb 22 - 25- School Spirit Week

NEW! Intramurals at BCCA

Join us for our first game night on Feb 19 starting at 5:30 in the gym, an event hosted in conjunction with our church social committee. We will start out with a worship/vespers program, which will be followed by intramural games in the gym & library.

Concessions will be available to purchase as a fundraiser. Funds from this fundraiser will go towards Home & School events such as school receptions, picnics, graduation, and to provide seed money for future fundraising.

Home & School is requesting that each household contribute one or more items that can be sold to the crowd. Donations will be greatly appreciated and may include case(s) of snacks or caffeine free drinks, water or baked goods (homemade or store bought is fine).

We thank you so much for contributing! A sign up sheet will be available at school next week to sign up for a contribution.

Again, thank you so much! It’s going to be a fun night!

Call or text with questions,
Dahlia Swatzell
(615) 712-4358

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Every month we will learn about one of the families attending BCCA. With all the busyness of life, here is a great way to know each other better. This month our resident Family Connections member Dahlia Swatzell interviewed the Ikungo Family.

The Ikungo Family

This month, meet the Ikungo family. They are husband and wife, Onesimus and Millian, with their children Emily Manisha Masika (13), Gracie (11), Milton (6), and their adorable baby, Evie-Ray Milana, who is five months old.

The couple originate from Uganda where they emigrated from after high school. Onesimus studied in Mobile where he obtained a full scholarship for playing on the college soccer team. Playing for Uganda’s national team, BCCA, prepared him well for this! (So cool!)

Millian, left Uganda for the UK where she studied Mental Health nursing at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield England. She now owns a braid shop on Bob Wallace Ave. and would love for you to check her out (3011 Bob Wallace Ave)!

Their son, Milton, is currently in kindergarten with Miss B. The family describes him as smart, forgiving, loving of his family, helpful at home and able to make friends easily.

They heard about BCCA after attending Central SDA Church. They love and appreciate how Milton has learned more about God at this school and that he is enjoying math! Mom says that he is excited about going to school every morning and speaks highly of his teachers.

When they are spending time as a family, they love traveling (they are Disneyworld fans!), eating at BJ’s, praying together and attending church as a family. They are a warm, friendly and energetic family and we are lucky they have made their home here with us! Next time you see them, make sure to extend a big BCCA hello!

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Week of Prayer Feb 14 -18

This week the students will hear from a dynamic speaker Pastor Brown from Portland, OR. Looking forward to seeing how this will impact the spiritual growth of the students. Parents are encouraged to attend beginning at 8:15 everyday.


Spirit Week Feb 22-25

For the whole week from Feb 22 -25 join us in showing your school spirit by participating in the many fun events every day this week. There is something for everyone, and it will be great to see your creativity! Every participant will receive a goody for showing their school spirit!


Outdoor School Community Outreach

Through the end of school we are inviting our friends and the community to experience our outdoor school every 2nd and 4th Thursday starting at 8:15. Suggested ages are for 4 to 10yrs. If you know of any who is interested in joining during that time please let your teacher know
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Happy 100th Day of School!

BCCA celebrated the 100th day of school! There were so many engaging activities! It was fun to see so many young children enjoying dressing up. See pics below.


Garden Club

This month in garden class we learned that the warm 70-80 degree days we had in December made our broccoli think it was summer and they started to flower. The cabbage, broccoli, spinach and garlic made it through the freezing temperatures of January without any type of covering. The remainder of the class we went inside to warm up and learn about honey bees and how they benifit our garden. We ended with trying honey from the comb!


The Adventurer Club

Join the Adventurer Club every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Central Church fellowship hall. If you know of any child grades Pre K-4th grade please contact Lisa Schmitt at contactlisa99@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to enjoy with your child while they grow in Christ. If you need assistance with $25 registration fee please let us know. The club will run from Feb - early May, and will pick back up again in the fall. Go Adventurers!
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Are You Trusting God to Keep His Promises?

Dear School Families,

Do you know that admitting your hopelessness to God can be a statement of faith? Trusting God but feeling despair at the same time, David wrote, “I believed, so I said, ‘I am completely ruined’” (Psalm 116:10 NCV).

This sounds like a contradiction: I trust God, but I’m wiped out! David’s frankness actually reveals deep faith. First, he believed in God. Second, he believed God would listen to his prayer. Third, he believed God would let him say what he felt and still love him.

During times of spiritual dryness, patiently rely on the promises of God, not your emotions. And realize that He is taking you to a deeper level of maturity. Don’t be troubled by trouble. Circumstances cannot change the character of God. God’s grace is still in full force; He is still for you, even when you don’t feel it. When things are not going well, be like Job when he held on to God’s Word. He said, “I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread” (Job 23:12 NIV).

Love Always,
Pastor Randy Mills


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