Real World Application

Of Computer Tech Class

Computer Tech class is a course designed to teach students about varying things, from Hardware to Software to Programs to Letters and Reports. One of the biggest reasons this course was set up is for those students to apply the things they learned into their own life- and they will end up having to, for sure at some point in time.

Spreadsheets & Work

Using spreadsheets, whether it be from Excel to Google Sheets, is definitely going to happen in future employment. It can be used from a budget, to organizing data, or keeping track of client's payments and other essential information.

Tackk For History

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Tackk is a program that is based solely on the idea that you can create a "Tackkboard", and put up multimedia, maps, and text to explain a point, but with also the benefit of sharing, collaborating, and connecting. It can be used in many places, one being a project in History class- such as creating a timeline, or informational short paper.

Using Prezi To Teach Seminars & Classes

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Prezi is a really good way of giving a presentation- but blowing your audience away and helping them understand your point effectively. Prezi is a presentation software that is run on what they call a canvas- or in other words, the entire presentation works on a single page, but the screen moves around and transitions to each "slide". It is helpful, and can be used for businesses, school, or my personal favorite, seminars and classes. I have often used Prezi while teaching at a building, or teaching family history with a Prezi to help.