Maverick Express february 2021


MHS Families,

As we head into the second half of the school year, there have been several communications from the Beaverton School District regarding Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) and BSD Connect/Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) (Letter LINK here).

Educators are notorious for using all sorts of acronyms that can be confusing. This is my attempt to distill down what we know right now.

Please keep in mind, this is all subject to change.

Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI):

Starting February 22nd, the intent of LIPI is to have a small number of students access the school building to obtain classroom assistance. The target group of students are homeless students, students with limited internet connectivity, SPED students, and ELL students. Teachers and counselors are also identifying other students who may be struggling and could use time in the building. We are only allowed approximately 20 students per day and for only two hours at a time. These students would have Classified and Administrative support while they are engaged in their CDL classes. MHS staff are currently calling those families identified for LIPI.

BSD Connect/Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL):

At this time, the plan for BSD secondary (6-12) students is to remain in CDL for the remainder of the year for classes (this is subject to change, however). Starting April 19th (4th Quarter), BSD Connect will provide opportunities for small groups of students to come onto campus to engage in staff-led activities. Classroom CDL will still occur virtually, but BSD Connect will allow for some clubs, activities, etc. to come to campus to socially engage with one another. We are also seeking ways through BSD Connect to connect our 9th graders to MHS in small groups, since many have never set foot in our building.

In addition, we intend to use BSD Connect to create small group activities and celebrations for Seniors to acknowledge their accomplishments and to provide social interaction with one another. This is the history-making first four-year class of Mountainside. We have listed Senior activities below that we are currently planning.

I realize this can all be very confusing and frustrating. To help answer questions, I am hosting a monthly virtual Zoom Principal's Coffee (bring your own coffee!) on Friday, February 12th at 9:30am. This meeting will occur on the second Friday of each month through May. The Principal's Coffee is an informal opportunity to hear school updates and to ask general questions regarding MHS. These meetings will also be recorded and uploaded to Youtube for viewing after.


Meeting ID: 821 2705 3490

Passcode: 964695

If you are unable to attend the Principal's Coffee, I also attend the MPACT general meetings in the evening to also give updates and answer general questions. The next MPACT General Meeting is Wednesday, March 17th at 7:00pm. A Zoom link is sent from MPACT for these meetings.

In addition, we begin the forecasting process for students to choose their classes for next year. See below for more detailed information. We are beginning in February with our 8th grade students. An email will be sent February 8th to incoming 9th graders describing the forecasting process and timeline.

Forecasting for current 9-11 will begin a little later than usual and will start right after Spring Break.

Together, we are committed to a school culture that allows us to:


If you have any questions about this information or about becoming involved at Mountainside, please do not hesitate to call our office at 503-356-3500.

Mountainside High School. Home of the Mavericks!!!

#MavUP! CONNECTED...together while apart


Todd Corsetti



It is important for students to check their StudentVue for their new list of classes between February 5th and February 8th. Counselors are working on some teacher/class changes during the first week of February for the 3rd quarter due to the addition of some new, smaller classes.

Third quarter classes begin Monday, February 8th. Teachers should communicate through email and Canvas for the Zoom links for their classes.

Schedule Changes

Students who need schedule changes for Quarter 3 or Quarter 4 classes may request these changes by completing the digital Schedule Change Request form. Requests to change classes will only be accepted by completing this form and will not be accepted by email. Please note, this form is a Google form, and students will be required to sign into Google with their BSD login information to be able to complete the form. Also, some requested changes may not be possible due to class size or when a course is offered.

All schedule change requests are due by 3:30 PM on Wednesday, February 10.

Schedule change requests can be made for the following reasons:

  • A level change is needed within a subject area (for example changing a math class to a different level math class)
  • Filling a hole in your schedule

  • Previously passing the course

Textbooks & Art Supplies for Semester 2

Please drop off textbooks from Semester one at your earliest convenience. There are bins for book returns at the front of the building during school hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 3:30pm. We especially need semester one students of TOK and IB Math MAA SL to return their textbooks so that we have enough for semester two students.

Textbook hand-out and Art supply handout will happen on Wednesday, February 10 from 11am - 2pm. Please drive through the student parking lot (from 175th Ave) to pick up books and art class supplies that have been pre-checked out to you.

Not all students will need to come since not all classes use a physical textbook. If your student is unsure if they need to pick up a textbook, please have them check with their semester two teachers.


Mountainside will begin the forecasting process for incoming 9th graders on February 9th. Current Mountainside students who will be in grades ten through twelve will begin forecasting during the week of March 29th.

Forecasting is when students decide which courses they will take the following year. It is imperative that students give careful thought to course selections, as there will be very little chance to make changes once the process is finalized. Our staffing and course offerings for next year, including how many sections of each course will be offered and when, are determined by the courses for which students forecast.

Counselors will visit middle schools via Zoom to present information and explain the process. Zoom links will be shared prior to each visit. The dates and times for each middle school are:

  • Rachel Carson: February 9th, 10:15-11:00
  • Whitford: February 10th, 9:30-10:30
  • Highland Park: February 10th, 1:40-2:40
  • Conestoga: February 11th, 9:30-10:30
  • Mountain View: February 11th, 12:40-1:50
  • ACMA: Week of February 15th (Specific date and time TBD)
  • Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School: Week of February 15th (Specific date and time TBD)
  • Hope Chinese Charter School: Week of February 15th (Specific date and time TBD)
  • ISB: TBD

Following middle school visits, counselors will offer a virtual evening Q&A session. Dates and times will be announced soon.


2021 ACT Test Day Update

To ensure the safety of students and staff, the ACT Test Day for 10th and 11th graders on

March 30th has been canceled. All students in grades 9-12 will follow their usual class

schedule. Funding for this year’s 11th grade students to take the ACT test in school the first week of October will be sought through the 2021-22 budget process. Families will be notified before the end of the school year if the funding is approved.

Actualización del día del examen ACT 2021

Para garantizar la seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal, se canceló el día del examen

ACT para los estudiantes de 10º y 11º grado el 30 de marzo. Todos los estudiantes en los

grados 9-12 seguirán su horario de clases habitual. Los fondos para que los estudiantes de 11° grado de este año tomen el examen ACT en la escuela la primera semana de octubre se buscarán mediante el proceso presupuestario 2021-22. Las familias serán notificadas antes del final del año escolar si se aprueba la financiación.


2021 Graduation Celebration Planning

Our 2021 seniors will be graduating in just five months! While this year is proving very unpredictable, especially when trying to plan events, please know that we will find ways to celebrate our graduating Seniors, beyond the MHS Graduation Ceremony. We are working closely with the MHS and BSD to determine safe and meaningful ways to motivate and celebrate our seniors. More information and registration details coming soon!

Parents of seniors are strongly encouraged to get involved and participate in the planning and activities of the graduation celebration. If you are interested in joining the committee or leading events, please email us We look forward to planning with you!

Yard Signs

A great way to celebrate your Senior is to buy a 2021 MHS Grad sign. We are working on the design and hope to open up sales next month. All profits will go to the 2021 Graduation Celebration funds.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) enjoys a high level of respect and recognition among the world’s higher education institutions. For students, success in the IB often results in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships, and other admissions related benefits at many universities.

Being an IB student

  • Challenging and exciting classes, focusing on writing, thinking, communicating, and experimenting;

  • Rigorous and comprehensive education based on a global perspective;

  • A commitment to community and human welfare;

  • High standard of teaching required by the IB program;

  • Possibility of entering college with advanced standing, enhances the student’s chances of admittance;

  • High expectations of students and development of full academic potential in all areas of study;

  • Opportunity to earn a universally recognized, world-class credential;

  • Emphasizes the philosophy of applied knowledge rather than mere book learning;

  • Appreciation of Cultural Perspectives

  • Raising of Educational Standards/High Expectations

  • Compete in International Arena and Universally Recognized (

More information regarding the IB Diploma Program and forecasting will be presented in the March MAV Express.


Calling all Musicians: District Solo & Ensemble Festival

Hello Mavs! This year’s District Solo & Ensemble contest will be held as an online event and will be a great opportunity for our musicians to get feedback from top professionals in the area on their musical performance. Solo & Ensemble is an event where student musicians perform a piece of classical repertoire for feedback. It is open to any student in the district (regardless of their enrollment in a music class) who sings or who plays a band or orchestra instrument. (Sorry, this event does not have categories for piano, guitar or harp!)

If you are interested in playing for Solo & Ensemble this year, please read this letter for more information about what the event is, how to sign up, and how to participate, or email Jeremy Zander with any questions!


Congratulations to the first-place winners in the Culinary Arts Holiday Cookie Decoration competition, Alexa Lester and Qiana Carney. We also want to recognize Emilie & Megan Nguyen, Angie Baydala, and Gabriella Richardson for participating in the contest. All the cookies looked amazing with a lot of hours put into decorating.



At Mountainside, the only way to purchase a yearbook is by going directly to the Jostens website: Yearbook sales are not done through the ParentVue online portal. Yearbooks are now $40 and will remain this price until March 31, 2021.


Senior photos and quotes were due on Friday January 15th, 2021. Please check here to verify the MHS Yearbook Staff has received your photo and/or quote.

Senior Ads

Parents, families, and friends of the Class of 2021, Senior ads are due today! Don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate and honor your special senior.

Please make sure ad space is purchased, photos are submitted, and the wording is finessed by the end of the day. Go to to purchase, create, and complete.

Senior Ad Prices

  • Full page : $75

  • ½ page: $50

  • ¼ page: $35

  • ⅛ page: $25

Further Info

To keep up to date on all things MHS Yearbook, please follow us on Instagram: @mountainsideyearbook


Yearbook Advisor: Kathryn Noah,

Yearbook Staff:

Library Youth Access Card

New students at Mountainside will be receiving a WCCLS library card called a Youth Access Card (YAC)! Students will be able to use their new library cards to access a wealth of resources at the library and online. Please see attached YAC info flyer for further information.



To our Mountainside students, staff, parents, and community,

Wow, we can't believe it is almost the end of our first semester! We hope that everyone had a successful first half of the year. As a program for the second half of the year, a major focus will be highlighting our seniors. A sample of events/projects for SENIORS to look forward to are:

● A senior drive-through event including passing out our free senior shirts to those that haven’t received one yet

● Mountainside Senior Instagram Page (will be adding Facebook for parents to see)

● Baby picture guessing game

● Senior scrapbook

● Virtual Prom Court

● Planning some form of an actual Prom on campus

● Senior focused weekly challenges; an opportunity for students to highlight seniors on social media

● Virtual Mountainside’s Got Talent

● On @mountainsideseniors we will also be highlighting each senior’s post high school plan, so make sure to DM the account when you’ve received your decision on where/what you are going to do next year.

Make sure to be following both @mountainsidehs and @mountainsideseniors on Instagram to get updates and view these activities.

Do you have any additional ideas on how to spotlight seniors or any other comments for the Executive Board? All students are invited to join us on Wednesday February 3rd at 11:00am, for our open Student Council meeting. Links to join/reminders will be sent out through Canvas Announcements on those Wednesdays. We are also releasing a Google Form where you can ask your questions beforehand if you can’t attend live or wouldn’t feel comfortable asking over Zoom ( This will also be on your Canvas announcements on February 3rd. The following week we will release the minutes from this meeting so all students can read what we discussed. Can’t wait to see you there!

Community 101

The Outreach committee is fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Oregon Community Foundation's Community 101 Organization. Mountainside will be receiving a grant of $5,000. We have decided through a student survey of the Mountainsides Student bodies that we will be donating $5,000 to promote/bring awareness to and support mental health & suicide prevention in Oregon. So far we have researched and found a list of 501c registered non-profits that we have contacted and invited to a virtual interview. We have started the interview process and should finish in the next two weeks. We will then begin the donation process to the non-profit(s) with the best information available, and that best fits our cause of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Among Us Tournament

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Among Us Tournament! It was lots of fun and everyone had a blast! Our winner was Zachary Nakajima. Congratulations Zachary, your prize will be coming in the mail soon. Also congratulations to everyone who made it to the top ten.

February Service Hour

Get ready for the first service drive of the second semester! From Tuesday, February 16th to Friday, February 19th, Mountainside will be hosting Hearts for Hearts. In this drive, students get to make cards for cardiac patients at a local hospital. There will be a drop-off bin available at the front entrance of our school from 7:30am to 3:00pm Tuesday through Friday.

In addition, on Tuesday, February 16th, we will be having a hangout-style Zoom meeting to replicate our in-person service hours. We will be listening to music, chatting, and making some awesome cards together!.More information and access to the Zoom link will be available in the Wednesday Canvas announcements.

Mental Health/ Wellness Week

We care about your mental health and understand the end of the semester can be a very stressful time. From January 25th through February 4th we are having a mental health/wellness takeover on social media. Each day there are activities or tips to help you prioritize mental health, improve your self-care, and laugh a little. Be looking for more details in the Wednesday announcements and on our social media! The activities for each day are:

  • 1/25 - GratitudeJar
  • 1/26 - Exercise and Movement
  • 1/27 - Wellness Rooms and Counselors
  • 1/28 - ASMR Videos
  • 1/29 - Check-In Day
  • 1/30 - Healthy Snacks
  • 1/31 - Spa/Face Mask Day
  • 2/1 - Breathing Exercises
  • 2/2 - Game Day
  • 2/3 - Night Routine
  • 2/4 - Compliment Cards


If you are still interested in joining and looking at clubs, please go to our MHS school update for all club information.


We are approaching the start of the fall sports season (OSAA season #2) and are very excited that we’ll be able to offer boys and girls soccer and cross-country starting February 22. We are still waiting for new regulations from OHA to allow football and volleyball. Currently football is considered a high contact sport and volleyball can’t be inside due to our county being in the extreme risk category. Both circumstances won’t allow us to offer these sports at this time, but that could change, which is the hope. If they do allow them then football would start February 8, and volleyball would start Feb 22.

Spring sports (OSAA season #3) and winter sports (OSAA season #4) are also going to be offered. Spring sports will start April 5 and winter sports will start May 5. Winter sports are currently on hold as basketball and wrestling are considered high contact sports and are held inside. Again, we would need OHA to change their regulations, so the hope is by May 5th we will be in a better place. Swimming will also be offered, but we are not sure if THPRD pools will be open due to COVID, so we are again holding out hope.

For any MHS athlete to compete, they will need to log into their district ParentVue using the Intouch registration system. The school will not be collecting hard copies of paperwork, so this will need to be uploaded in order for students to be cleared to play. The following items will need to be uploaded:

· Current physical

· Participation form

· BSD COVID release form

MPACT testing will also need to be completed through our trainer Christina Gray for football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, pole vaulters, and cheer. This test will take place once we have correct rosters.

For more specific information regarding each athletic program and coach contact information, please visit our MHS school district website at

We look forward to providing a safe environment for our student athletes to experience their desire to participate in extra-curricular activities! We will have more information very soon on the requirements that will be in effect to keep everyone safe during this process. GO MAVS!!!

MHS Signing Day

February 3, 2021

We would like to celebrate our Mountainside Athletes that are signing this February 3, 2021.

Congratulations on all your hard work and dedication to make it to the next level. We are very proud of all your accomplishments and wish you the best!!! GO MAVS!!!!


Mackenzie Leith

University of Puget Sound

2019 2nd Team All-Metro All-Around Player

2018 2nd Team All-Metro All-Around Player

Girls Soccer

Trinity Carrington

George Fox University

mpact parent group

Bottle Drive

Show our Seniors Some Love!!! Donate your bottles and cans on Sunday, February 14th from noon to 2pm in the student parking lot. All proceeds will go to reducing the cost for all and providing support for those seniors who need it in our 2021 Graduation Celebration. We’ve raised over $2,000 with our December & January drives – Thanks to all who contributed!

If you are not able to make it that day, we will be doing Bottle Drives every month through May, or you can contact to arrange for large donation pick-ups. You can also set up your BottleDrop account to donate directly to Mountainside PACT, which will also support our Seniors. Go to to DONATE NOW or set your account up to auto-donate for the year!


Beaverton High School Counseling Department invite you to A Virtual DACA forum. BHS is hosting some attorneys to answer DACA 1st time/renewal questions that families might have. They would like to open this virtual event up to all families in our district who might be interested. It will mainly be high school students that are eligible, but there may also be parents of younger students that may qualify or want to know more.

Thank you BHS for extending the invitation!