Immune System

The T Cell

There are two major parts of the immune system which are in the thymus the T cell and the helper T cell. The T cell fights infection, disease and cancer cells. The helper T cell is only needed or active when the T cell needs assistance. The T cell and the helper T cell are in the thymus and the thymus is in the stem cell which is in the blood stream.

The B Cell

The B cell is the cell that informs the T cells that a sickness has reached the body. The B cell changes into a blast cell with the help of T cells.

Transforming Cells

The blast cell will transform into a memory cell and the memory cell will send a faster message to the B cell. Some blast cells transform into plasma cells that will create antibodies. The antibodies will eat the germs that have reached the area. This is scientificaly known as fagatisosis.


Allergies are your body's reaction to allergens which are particles your body considers bad for you. This is a sign that your immune system is working overtime.