EC-5 Elementary Express

November 2018

November EC-5 Dates At-A-Glance

October 29-November 2 - WIS Parent/Student/Teacher Conference Week

October 29-November 2 - 3rd Grade Swimming Unit

October 29 - November 12 - CEPS Campus Thanksgiving Food Pantry Drive

October 30-November 2- WIS Scholastic Book Fair

November 1- WIS Related Arts Conference Night

November 5-8 - Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Conference Week

November 5-8 and November 20 - 4th Grade Swimming Unit

November 13 - 5th Grade Orchestra Field Trip

November 8 - End of First Quarter

November 9 - Staff Professional Development - NO SCHOOL

November 15- 16 - Kindergarten to Ice Arena during PE classes

November 12-16 - 2nd Grade Conference Week

November 12-16 - American Education Week

November 12-16 - 5th Grade Swimming Unit

November 15 - 1st Grade Field Trip - Movie - 9am-11am

November 16 - Taste of Wisconsin - 4th Grade at WIS

November 19 - Bowls for Hunger at MHS from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

November 21 - Jersey/Sport Day- CEPS Campus

November 22-23- Thanksgiving Holiday - NO SCHOOL

November 27-28 - Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Vision Screening

November 30 - CEPS Special Author Visit - Molly Bandt

November 30 - Family Science Night at WIS - 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Dates to look forward to in December....

December 21 - January 1 - WINTER BREAK - NO SCHOOL

January 2 - Class Resumes

Cold Weather Gear

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As the weather turns colder over the next few weeks and months, please monitor your child’s outerwear before she/he leaves home in the morning to make sure he/she is dressed appropriately for outside recess. As a reminder, during cold weather months, children go outside for recess unless the combined temperature and wind-chill factor drops to below zero or colder.

Emergency Contact

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Please be sure the school office has up-to-date contact phone numbers, including emergency contact numbers. In case of an emergency, time is of the essence and having accurate numbers is vital.

November Lunch Menus

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Thanksgiving or Holiday Assistance

If your family is in need of Thanksgiving or holiday assistance, please contact Lily Hlavacek at CEPS 608-838-3146, ext. 4610, or Rebekah Hulse at 608-838-3146 ext. 4604. For WIS, please contact Casey Ruhland at 608-838-7667 ext. 5448 or

If you are interested in helping McFarland families in need this Holiday season please visit:,,

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Pick Up Confirmation

If your child requires a change in after-school arrangements, including transportation, the school can only comply with the change IF the school has received either written confirmation from a parent or guardian OR there has been telephone contact with the school requesting the change.

FOR KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS ONLY: If your child typically rides the school bus after school and you change their after school arrangement to have yourself or someone else pick up your child, remember to contact the school ahead of time and notify the bus company. You may pick up your child from his/her teacher in the pick-up line outside.

The Latest Buzz...

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The 2018-2019 Buzz Book is now available through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. To access it , log into Infinite Campus and click on the "Buzz Book" link.
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Thank you to the PTO and to all our parent volunteers who give of their own time to help our schools! We appreciate your support!

Conrad Elvehjem Primary School Information


Dr. Kelley Novak

Associate Principal:

Greg Nelson

CEPS Building Administrative Assistant:

Emily Broome - (608) 838-3146

Administrative Assistant:

Sheryl Leemon - (608) 838-3146

A Note from Associate Principal Nelson

Dear Conrad Elvehjem Primary School Families,

In November, we encourage our students to give thanks for things big and small, people near and far, and for activities from the past, present, and future. I want to take this opportunity to share a feeling of thankfulness of my own: thank you to all of the students, staff members, and family and community members that have provided an outstanding amount of support and encouragement as I fill in as the Conrad Elvehjem Primary School (CEPS) building administrator while Dr. Kelley Novak, our CEPS principal, is out on leave until January. I am truly honored to get to know, work with, and learn from all of you. I look forward to this continued partnership because I know we share the common goal of making your child’s year here a year of learning, growing, and of course, lots of fun!

Thank you for planning to participate in our fall conferences which are taking place over the next few weeks. This is a great time for teachers and families to come together to share the strengths our students have shown thus far, while also collaborating around goals to work towards this year. Our teachers work diligently to prepare for these special conversations and we all look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your student.

We love having visitors to our school! As a reminder, when you arrive at our main entrance, you must be prepared to show your identification card and state the purpose for your visit, after which you will push the big “doorbell” near the transaction window and an office staff member will buzz you into the office where you will sign in and wear a “Visitor” badge. Please keep this badge visible, as our staff here are directed to kindly ask any visitor in the building that is not wearing a badge to report back to the office. In addition, I want to acknowledge the big role that volunteers play in providing additional support for classroom activities and special events. If you plan to volunteer in any capacity at our school beyond simply visiting your own child, such as working with groups of students, supervising groups on a field trip, etc., then you must fill out our “Volunteer Disclosure Form,” copies of which are available in the main office (and also included in school registration packets and are searchable from our district website). These forms must be filled out once every three years and turned in to the office at least three days before the event you would like to attend so that we can run the background check and inform the teacher of your eligibility. If you are unable to turn this in three days before the event, we will regretfully have to ask that you not participate. Our goal is to provide for the safety and wellbeing of all of our students, and we appreciate your following this procedure for volunteering your time.

I encourage you to spend time on our school’s webpage, where you will find daily announcements, class schedules, our family handbook, and classroom/teacher information. You will also see a new addition to our site, the CEPS Math Website. A committee of CEPS teacher leaders worked to create this website to keep you informed and updated about our new Bridges math curriculum. Head over to that page to read more about the math standards addressed at each grade, get tips for math homework, and read answers to commonly-asked questions about Bridges. Thank you to that team for your work on this informative website.

Finally, with the fall days turning shorter and cooler, we appreciate your assistance and support with ensuring that our students are properly dressed for the weather. It is a good idea to make sure that jackets and hats/gloves are labeled with your child’s name, and are sent on those chillier days. Once the snow begins to fly, then plan on sending your child to school wearing their boots and snow pants, as they do go outside before the school day starts. As a reminder, we hold recess outside during the day as long as the combined temperature and wind chill is above zero degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor playtime and an opportunity to get fresh air is an important part of our learning day and we want to make sure your child is dressed appropriately so he/she can enjoy these activities.

Thank you for all you do to support your child and our learning community! As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I wish you and your family a wonderful celebration of togetherness and gratitude.

Warm Regards,

Greg Nelson

Associate Principal

CEPS Food Drive

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WIS Building Information

School Principal:

Sue Murphy

Associate Principal:

Al Northouse

Building Administrative Assistant:

Arlene Bast (608) 838-7667

A Note From Principal Murphy

Dear Waubesa Families,

The fall season seems to be going by so quickly. We are in the middle of our fall student/parent/teacher conferences and want to use this time to set some goals for the school year. These goals may be academic or behavioral or both. Teachers want to work in partnership with parents and students to plan for success throughout the year.

November is also a time for reflecting on what we are grateful for in our lives. I know I feel very lucky to be at Waubesa and in the McFarland School District. The support that families give the school is incredible. For this I am grateful. Thank you for having your son or daughter ready to learn each day and for participating in their education.

As we move through the school year, some ways to stay connected with our school are through your students daily folder (3rd and 4th graders) or the assignment notebook (5th graders). Check in on your child’s homework. Also, talking with your child about what they are reading and making sure they spend a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes a night reading is suggested. The research on the correlation between minutes reading and school success is very clear. If your child is reluctant, read with them!

Another way to stay connected is through the Waubesa School Facebook page. Our staff attempts to include information about upcoming events and fairly regularly adds pictures of students working.

Finally, reading this monthly newsletter is yet another way to stay connected.

Please feel free to call or email with questions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue Murphy


Request from WIS Health Services

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As we approach the rainy/snowy season, we are requesting that each student keep a spare set of clothes in their backpack. Please label all items and store them in a Ziploc bag. Clothing should include socks, underwear, pants and a T-shirt. Bathroom accidents and/or soiled clothing can occur throughout the school year. Having spare clothes at school will result in less classroom time missed and your child will feel more comfortable wearing his or her own clothes.

Please note that if your child does not have a spare set of clothes at school you may be called to bring in clothing as the need occurs. WIS makes the effort to keep some donated clothing available but the supply is limited in sizes and quantity. Clothing donations are always welcome. Please contact Health Services at 608-838-4673 with questions. Thank you.

WIS Swim Schedules

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First Bell


Tardy Bell



Our school day begins at 7:52 am with a bell tone. A second tardy bell will sound at 8:00 am. Students arriving after this bell will be marked tardy that day. Please have your student(s) to school by 7:50 so they are able to be on time to their classroom.

Adult supervision is available on our playground starting at 7:30 am. If it is raining when they arrive, students may enter the building and either play in the gym or watch a video in the commons until the 7:52 bell rings.

Will your child be absent?

Please contact Arlene Bast at 838-7667 prior to 8:00 am if your child will not be in attendance on any given day.

After School

Students should immediately go home after school unless they are in a supervised club activity, our after school program, or homework club. It is our expectation that all other students be picked up by at least 3:05. We have had some problems with students not leaving right away after school.

Kelso's Choices

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In third grade, our students are learning how to solve their own conflicts with friends and classmates. A small problem is something that they are strong enough and smart enough to solve on their own. A BIG problem is a situation that is dangerous, scary, or something mean that someone is doing on purpose to hurt them. They should always tell an adult about a BIG problem!

Ms. Ruhland's Website:

Fall Book Fair at WIS!

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Our fall book fair is taking place October 30 - November 2! Stop by the WIS library on the second floor and pick up books, posters, and other fun items. Proceeds from the book fair help to benefit WIS!

The book fair will be open the following times:

Tuesday, October 30: 9am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Wednesday, October 31: 9am - 1pm and 3pm - 4pm

Thursday, November 1: 9am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm

Friday, November 2: 9am - 12pm

Can't make it in person? Our online book fair is now open. Books will be delivered to WIS and given to your child to bring home. You pay no shipping!

Student Council Food Drive!

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Family Science Night at WIS

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Waubesa Intermediate School is hosting a science night with the UW-Madison Biocore Ambassadors! Come to experience science in a fun and interactive way.

Who: K-8 Students and their Families

Where: Waubesa Intermediate School

When: Friday, November 30 from 5:30 - 7:30

You may come and go at any time during this block!

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The following flyers are NOT all school-sponsored activities and the McFarland School District does not provide support or endorsement of the program/flyer. It has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, or activities announced in the brochure/flyer. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the School District.
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