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September 17, 2021

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Book Repair Videos

Carissa asked a GREAT question when I was helping her set up her back room. She asked for help on how to do book repair, which I am self-admittedly terrible at! I reached out to other directors and one recommended the Demco videos link. There are also a couple on the Kapco Utube channel.

If you have any ideas, or would like to conduct a training, please let me know!

Sandra Markle- Author Visit

If you are interested- she is wonderful! The picture in the middle is from when I hosted her a couple of years ago.

Lori Willey will be hosting her virtually this year (date TBD).

Some information you may like:

  • Virtual only this year
  • Sample schedule would be 3 presentations for 30-45 minutes each, with 15 minutes in between
  • Science experiments as part of her presentation- the kids love it!
  • Over 300 published books- and can show them off on a virtual visit
  • Sends monthly resource-packed emails with ready-to-go activities
  • Was Ms. Whiz on TV!
  • Pricing- $300 for 30 minutes, $450 for 45 minutes.

Shared google folder on Authors

Weedsport flyer

Thanks Aja for sharing the flyer below, created to highlight resources available to teachers. Looks fantastic!!

Google folder

OPALS videos

Quick note on the above videos- they will NOT be shared on the libguides, as student PPI is shared.

Engaging Your Community with Instagram #libraries

If you would like to go, please complete the registration and bill to Cayuga Onondaga BOCES SLS and have me be the contact person. But please let me know that you have registered.

Engaging Your Community with Instagram #libraries

Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


This session will take a deep dive into the many ways that Instagram can be used to engage our communities. Are you new to the platform? Has your library had one for a while but just really don't know what to do with it? Come learn some tips and tricks from creating content for this platform to evaluating for what kind of content you should create!

Learning Objectives:

Want to get in on that social media game? Are you in it but not sure what to do? Come and learn some quick tips and tricks about using Instagram.


Amanda Lowe, is the Outreach and Marketing Librarian at the University at Albany, SUNY. She has an MLS from the University at Buffalo and a Bs in English with a Theatre minor from SUNY Oneonta. Amanda's research focuses on library marketing and outreach, with a concentration on social media, reference services, and library programming.

Register Here

Resources from Project Look Sharp

Dear New York State School Librarians,

At Project Look Sharp, Ithaca College’s not-for-profit media literacy initiative founded in 1996, we see librarians as the key leaders in our schools to support the integration of media analysis throughout the curriculum. As we start another unprecedented year with extraordinary challenges, Project Look Sharp wants to do all we can to support you - to support your teachers - in this critical work.

In collaboration with SLSA we have put together a series of short letters that you can send to your teachers that highlight our free resources for integrating question-based media analysis into the teaching of core standards in social studies, ELA, health, science, math, arts, music and library/information literacy. All of the lesson materials, including the rich media documents (short video clips, social media posts, paintings, songs, articles, etc.) are available to educators who set up a free account.

Over the last 2 decades we have published 534 lessons for media literacy integration that are searchable by subject, grade level, keyword and filterable by media type, standards, and more. These lessons are particularly effective when dealing with potentially controversial subjects (e.g. climate, COVID, politics), issues of identity (race, gender, etc.), and topics that require thoughtful analysis of divergent perspectives. Our inquiry-based approach helps students, at all ages, to become more analytic and self-reflective about the power of media messages.

In collaboration with SLSA, we are encouraging you to share these letters with your teachers to support their integration of media analysis into their curriculum. The lessons referenced in the letters are aligned to core subject-area standards and objectives, they are highly adaptable to different contexts and needs, and they support student engagement, particularly for those needing diverse modalities of instruction.

We have created a Google Folder for NYS librarians to host these letters so that you can send the link to your teachers. Let them know that the letters list free media literacy integration lessons/resources for their specific level and subject. You should also check out the letters specifically for library/information literacy.

Project Look Sharp will be partnering with SLSA over the next 2 years in piloting approaches to supporting school librarians with the materials and PD you need to support your teachers in media literacy integration across the curriculum. You will be hearing more from us about this in the future but, in the meantime, don’t hesitate in contacting Project Look Sharp with suggestions, questions or challenges about this important work.

Please consider signing up for a free account to get emails about new lessons (about 1 per week) and professional development resources. Together we can help our students to build a more civil, reflective and just society for all.

Chris Sperry

Director of Curriculum and Staff Development

Project Look Sharp, Ithaca College



SCRLC Discussion Group on Trauma Informed Librarianship

Article Discussion Group:

on Trauma-Informed Librarianship

Thursday, October 14, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Join us for a discussion on "Moving Towards Healing: A Trauma-Informed Librarianship Primer" by Karina Hagelin, published on ACRLog on June 23, 2020 & Baltimore Bets on a New Type of First Repsonder: The Librarian by J. Brian Charles, published on The Trace on August 6, 2021.

The first article covers the theory and the second talks a little bit more about it in practice.

Read the articles and come ready to share your thoughts!

Register for the Zoom link below.


AASL Standards

I have created a folder in our google shared drive and a libguide

For AASL standards. I also attached the pamphlet they released. If you do not have the book of standards, please let me know. I have a few extras here.

EdCamp Cardigan Camp

Did you hear the big news? Our third Edcamp Cardigan Camp is scheduled for November 13, 2021. It also happens to be National Cardigan Day, in honor of Mister Rogers!

Over 500 educators have already registered for the virtual event, and we need facilitators like YOU to submit session proposals. Visit to order your free ticket or to submit a proposal.

Edcamp Cardigan Camp is going to be bigger and better because of YOU! See you on November 13.

Teen Holocaust Awareness Program

Spread the word to your teen patrons about this learning opportunity from Greenburgh Public Library.

In this virtual presentation, teens will learn about the Jews of Hungary, the rise of Hitler and the propaganda that helped lead to the Holocaust. The presenter Shelley is the only child of two Holocaust survivors who came from Northern Transylvania, in present-day Romania. Shelley will tell the story of her mother, Lilly, who survived two concentration camps thanks to the love and support of her older sister, Sarah, who was with her throughout the war.

Shelley is a member of GenerationsForward, a group of second and third generation individuals sponsored by the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center of White Plains, New York.

Click Here to Register


Emily Dowie

Teen Librarian

Greenburgh Public Library