Avirett & Torres 18-19

Week of 3/25/19

Important Dates

3/27 Puberty Video Opt-Out form due

3/29 Puberty Video during specials (12:45)

4/9 STAAR Writing

4/17 4th grade Rock and Roll Forever performance @ 8 - Parent Performance

4/18 4th grade Rock and Roll Forever performance @ 7:45 during Titan Time

4/17-18 Book Fair

4/19 Student and Staff Holiday No School

4/22 Bad Weather Make-up Day No School

Our Learning Targets

Math: We can represent the quotient of up to a four-digit whole number divided by a one-digit whole number using arrays, area models, or equations. We can use strategies to divide up to a four-digit dividend by a one-digit divisor.

Science: We can distinguish between fixed and variable expenses. We can describe how to allocate a weekly allowance among spending; saving, including for college; and sharing.

Reading: We can explain the difference between a stated and implied purpose while reading a variety of texts.

Writing: We can write paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details. We can review editing and revision skills.

Social Studies: We can identify the importance of historical figures who modeled active participation in the democratic process (David G. Burnett, Lorenzo DeZavala, Sam Houston). ​

Second Step

Making a Plan

Some solutions to problems are complicated and need a plan.

Plans help you break down a big task into smaller, more manageable parts.

We can:

Explain the purpose of making a plan

Create a three-step plan to carry out a solution to a problem

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This week's spelling words

Spelling Words: hundred, supply, single, middle, explain, surprise, instead, complete, monster, settle, address, farther, sample, athlete, orchard

Bonus Words: rampant, telegraph, navigation, battalion, artillery

Puberty Video March 29th during specials

A note came home this week regarding the puberty video students will watch during specials on March 29th. We will have a specials at a different time that day - 12:45.

Please see below for additional information and how to preview the video.

You only need to send the letter back if you DO NOT want your child to view the video on March 29th.

The videos review the following topics:

  • Reproductive systems
  • Health and nutrition
  • Hygiene and grooming
  • Self esteem
  • Physical changes
  • Emotional changes

To preview the video and/or read the transcript, please visit here for preview instructions.

Please note, the materials are able to be viewed online from Monday, March 4th to Friday, March 15th, 2019. Parents/Guardians may also preview the videos outside of this time frame in the library during the school day by scheduling an appointment with the campus counselor.

Parents/Guardians may choose to exempt their child from this lesson by completing the Opt Out Form, which will be coming home with students this week, and returning it to Sherri Sneed by Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

A Note From Mrs. Simpson our PAC teacher

4th Grade Parents: The 4th Grade Play "Rock and Roll Forever" is quickly approaching! Performances are April 17th at 8am for parents and April 18th at 7:45am for school wide performance. If you can not make it April 17th, you are more than welcome to come April 18th, you will just have to stand on the sides or in the back since our student body will be in the gym as well.

Things to note:

* All students have their speaking parts, dances and tech crew has been assigned. EVERY student is participating in some part of the play!

* I am looking for about 3-5 parents to help with Thriller make-up on April 17 and 18th at 7:20am. It will be for about 13 boys and needs to be done by 7:45-8 depending on the day!

* There will be a work day next Friday March 15th (I know first day of break, but if you happen to be around...) from 12:30-3:30pm for Poodle Skirt making, tulle skirt making and maybe tie dying.... If you have a sewing machine or can help cut fabric, I would LOVE to meet you and have some fun getting costumes ready for your kiddos! Please let me know if you can make it so I know how much to have ready for everyone :-)

​* All scripts, dances and songs are posted in Google Classroom for students to practice!

Thank you for your support!

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