Midnight's Memo

September 16, 2016


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Coming Up this week and next:

Happy Birthday to: Julie 9/19, Deb Dauffenbach 9/20

Please make sure the office receives a copy of your schedule; thank you.

Health Cards due to the office.

Be sure you're getting your Staff Panther of the Nominations turned in

Friday 9/16 4th Grade Field Trip; Kathy Burant is here for Jamie K., Sandy O. is out

Tuesday 9/20 All School Picture Day; plan of room usage hanging by mailboxes; Tina and Erin at all day training

Wednesday 9/21 Universal Vocabulary Staff Mtg 7:30-8:30 "Choosing Words to Teach"; 4th Gr Field Trip 10-:00-12:00; Admin Jones 8:00-4:00

Thursday 9/22 PBIS Tier II 1:00-4:00 Koni, Dan, Heidi, Anne, Karen, Tina, Erin, Jen W

Friday 9/23 PBIS Celebration 1:30-3:30

Office Entrance and Exit "Buttons"

Come on down and learn how to "push our buttons". Seriously, please stop in the office for a brief review of how to use the buzzer system for easy access to the office and beyond.

Office Supplies

Julie brought to my attention yesterday that there is some confusion among staff about the office supply cabinets in the office. These cabinets are stocked with general use office supplies but are not stocked for full class sets or projects. If you need a large number of supplies for a project please order out of your grade level budget. When things like laminating film are purchased the cost is split across grades and departments.

PTO Meeting Sign Up for Staff

Please help us show support for our PTO. Please check meeting dates and sign up in the office to join a meeting. All of these meetings are at 4:00 pm at PKL. Meeting dates this year are: 10/10, 1/16, 3/13, 5/1,

Monthly Fire Drill

Please review with your classroom how we conduct fire drills at Park Lawn. Make sure:

  • Your class knows where to line up on the playground during a fire drill; home room and during specials
  • Your white emergency folder is stocked with your current class list and critical phone numbers for families; this folder should accompany you during ALL emergency drills.
  • Your emergency folder should also include a green and red sheet of construction paper that you show during the drill to indicate all of your students are or are not with you.
  • Remember that if you have a Wilkie-talkie on your person or in your classroom that it should accompany you during an emergency drill
  • If possible grab a reflective vest on your way out the door so that emergency responders are able to easily identify staff
  • Remind student why it is important that they remain quiet during emergency drills
  • Have a plan for children with compromised mobility
  • Remind students that the fire alarm is loud for a reason; we need to make sure everyone can hear it and it is ok for them to cover their ears
  • As always, our September fire drill will be announced and I will also prep students via PKL and I will be adding much of the above information to the Panther Press so that parents can support our safety efforts as well


Monday 9/19 - WEAR RED. Students turn in their collection envelope and receive a thank you gift for participating.

Thursday 9/29 - RACE DAY! Wear your Strides for Panther Pride T-shirt (or any purple shirt).

MAPS Testing Schedule

Thank you for getting your schedules posted.

Friday 9/16: 11:00 Colleen lab math

Monday 9/19: 9:00 Julie math lab

10:00 Colleen lab reading

12:00 Marie math lab

1:00 Jamie math classroom

Tuesday 9/20: 9:00 Cindy math classroom

Wednesday 9/21: 9:00 Cindy reading classroom

Attached to this memo:

Information: National Board Certification

Refer to memos from 9/6 and 9/7


Refer to 9/2/16 memo for specifics

Assessments; updated 9-7-16

Please make sure that you enter ALL scores into Skyward by the end of the assessment period. This includes both F and P (if administered) and Words Their Way scores. Thank you!

MAP assessment window for grades 1-4 runs September 12th-23rd. Sign ups are in the conference room. Kindergarten is not until October.

F&P for any students new to PKL grades 5K-4th September 8th-22nd

The Words Their Way assessment window runs September 1st-15th. K and 1st should use the primary inventory and 2nd-4th the elementary inventory. If students score extremely high on the elementary inventory I would be happy to take them and administer the upper elementary inventory to gather more information.

PBIS Corner

September 1st-23rd Theme: Panthers in Training

PKL 94 Jen will be reviewing recess expectations

Week 1: Panthers in the Classroom

Week 2: Panthers Around School (lunchroom, restroom, halls)

Week 3: Panthers on the Playground

Friday 9/23 watch Inside Out. First round of SAIG groups begin with Jen Wagner (planning for changing families and a girls group to continue from spring. We have over 50 students new to PKL so I've asked her to make ensuring they are making friendship connections a priority.

Friday 9/30 First Midnight Meeting (grade level colors) and Market

October 10-14 Complete Internal/External assessments with hopes of next round of SAIG beginning 10/21 &10/28 depending on parent permissions.

SAIG: Jen Wagner has placed a preliminary/tentative plan in mailboxes


This year, EVERYONE must complete a new background check. This is completely online and directions for the process are in the office and online.

Sunshine Committee - UPDATE and Dues Info

Thanks to all who have turned in their dues. Looking for specifics regarding Sunshine? Refer to 9/2/16 memo.

NEW Alarm System - CEC Communications Engineering Co.

Refer to 9/12 and 9/14 memos for specifics

Educator Effectiveness Update...September and October

September/October: complete district assessments and review data. Craft SLO's and PPG's by October 31st. The Joan/Sarah meetings of years past will not occur this year for those on supportive. Instead I will meet with everyone via common planning or 10/7 (the PD day). Teaching and Learning staff will also be on site on 10/7 if you'd like to meet with them. Summary year friends will needs to complete the self-review as well but as I always say, "Never hurts to review the self-review."

January/February: Mid-year reviews by 2/20

April-June 30th: wrap up and complete end year stuff

Equalized Days 16-17 school year

10/6 will run as a Friday

11/29 as a Monday

2/21 as a Monday

5/25 as a Friday