School Uniforms

Going against the district

people debate about this all the time.

My opinion

I think school uniforms should be banned.

Why you ask? This is why.

  • destroys creativity
  • looks tacky
  • makes students feel less unique
  • costs way too much
  • endangers religious practices
  • most of all it tempts students to change their outfits (which will get them in trouble)

unhappy students.

Happy students.

do you see a difference???

No vs. Yes on if school uniforms make life easier.

on 66% of people think that uniforms don't make anything better. 34% of people think that uniforms help. See what i'm saying? I think personally that it doesn't but i'm just a person.....


  • Private schools can cost up to $200
  • regular schools can cost up to $30 to $140 (more for embroidery....)
  • causes stress on parents
  • may cause fights between parents that can lead up to divorce.....

destroying creativity

  • no expression
  • teachers (sometimes) don't have to
  • no inspiration

bad looking uniforms

Having the same outfit doesn't make you look unique.

Tempting changes

If you change your uniform you might end up like these people:

sad and bored in detention ( depending how much you change it)


  • You and your friends can make petitions and have people sign it if they agree with your statement
  • write a letter to the district saying why they should get rid of the uniforms.

Enjoy this for a minute

thank you.