Hero: Andrew Jackson

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Trail of Tears:

The Cherokee were kicked out by American Soldiers and started traveling west for Oklahoma. The U.S. government wanted more land so they could receive more money. the land that the government took was considered the Cherokees country. The natives were then traveling to Oklahoma.

Spoils Sytem:

A system that gives Jackson's supporters free jobs within the government. Jackson used the spoils system to help gain loyalty from the people. The spoils system gave non-qualifying people free jobs but some people disliked this system because they didn't want the government to be ran by unknown people.Some people liked this system because they were able to get free jobs.

Indian Removal Act:

The Indian Removal Act allowed the U.S. Government to change the Indians land west of the Mississippi river. The Indians had no clue that the land they were receiving was less desirable than the land they previously had. Andrew Jackson signed the act into a law. this act ended up leading to the Trail of Tears.

Jackson Political Cartoon:

Andrew Jackson wasn't a supporter of the Bank of the United States. jackson didn't like this idea because he didn't think it was very fair to the poor people. In this cartoon all of the snake heads represent the states. The snakes are going after Jackson because they wanted to keep the bank. In the cartoon you can see that Jackson has a cane, and on that cane it says veto. jackson vetoed the National Bank.

Political Cartoon:

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Cherokee Trail of Tears letter (negative):

We Cherokee are hurt by the actions of Andrew Jackson. We do believe it is far that Jackson has kicked us out just for more money and land. Jackson kicked us out of our country and therefor we do not support him. We are now on a long voyage to our new land in Oklahoma suffering from diseases and many of our people dyeing.

Southerners Spoils System letter (positive):

We southerners personally like the Spoils System. We think Andrew Jackson has helped us receive free jobs and has allowed us to work for him. Jackson has gained our loyalty and we Southerners are here to support him. Thanks to Jackson we non-qualifying people are able to get free jobs within the government.