Personal attributes

Valued by Employers

Things Employers will look at regarding you as a person

Specific Skills

Employers like a person who has specific skills such as technical knowledge, health and safety and working attitudes. This means that they do not need to train a person up which saves them alot of money, time and may also bring new ideas to their other employees. If the employee has technical knowledge he may know more than somebody who is already working for the company meaning they can help out their other workers and can get their job done efficiently. Health and safety skills ensure that the person understands all of the policies and procedures needed within the organisation and will work safely. A good working attitude also allows the employee to gain the employees trust as soon as they start work and can allow the employee to get on with his work without further hastle

General Attributes

Such as planning skills, organisational skills, time management, team working, verbal skills, written communication skills, numeracy and creativity can also be key to you landing that job role. Planning skills link with time management and organisational skills as they allow you to plan the time that certain tasks will do and give you the advantage when it comes to completing deadlines and ensuring that your team gets their work done on time. Numeracy skills are good within most job roles they ensure that you can plan out the cost, profit and equipment used for particular projects. communication and verbal skills allow you to work well with your team to ensure that all of the jobs you get asked to do are completed to the best of your abilities.


When starting work your employer wants you to have the right attitude. The Desired attitude is usually someone who has a working attitude, who is willing to work with new people. Also they would prefer people to be determined, independent, integrity, tolerance, dependable, problem-solving, leadership, confidence and motivational depending on the job they are required to do. The employer will look at all of the attitudes above and see if you fit the relevant categories for the job.

Effective Communication Attributes

One of the key attributes that is needed to carry out most job roles is communication, if you cannot communicate clearly with, your team, employer or general members of the public you could struggle depending on the type of job you are attempting to get.

General Communication Skills

General communication skills as a whole includes your ability to speak to new people and the ways in which you do so. Depending on the person you are talking to you may want to adjust the way you speak inorder to make communication easier. Things such as the words and terminology you use can breakdown communication and could stop you for doing your job properly if you are addressing somebody. Also the types of questions you ask can affect your job for example if you only ask closed questions (Questions that only require a one word answer such as yes or no) then you may not get all of the details that are necessary so you should use a mixed range of closed and open (Questions that give the opportunity to go into further detail).

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are used to communicate with people who different people who may have problems communicating with people in a normal manner such as people with a disability such as deafness. Some employers will look at your interpersonal skills that allow you to communicate in different ways such as sign language or lip reading. You should also ensure you are portraying the right impression to your employer with your body language as you may come across as somebody that isnt serious about your job.

Communication in writing

Some IT companies will require you to have certain writing skills whether it be hand written or writing up reports on a computer. This means they will look at your writing skills especially if you will be sending emails to members of the public, your writing skills should be good otherwise it will reflect badly on your employers. This means use of punctuation, emoticons, spelling and grammar should be used in the correct places and you should be alright to proof read your writing and make final changes.

Barriers to effective communication

There are multiple things that can affect the communication. If you are communicating using a network/internet using a microphone then background noise may affect the audio quality and can stop the person from hearing. Other factors that can affect you are; Location, you may not have a strong enough signal and the sound can cut out. If talking face to face and you or the person you are communicating with get distracted you may not be able to concentrate properly and may not understand what they are saying properly.

To reduce the impact of these there are multiple things you can do, one of the way to stop the signal from dropping is to increase the download speed or speak from a different location maybe outdoor. To decrease background noise you can get a better mic with background sound cancelling.