Get Cooking with Botswanian Dishes!

Work with a little piece of home!

Serve costumers while being comfortable

In the city of Gaborone , you can even serve costumers while in a caravan. Not only this, but the caravans come with built in stoves and coolers, and women don't have to build their own shelves or racks for gas fuel purposes!

Give You and Your Costumers Mutual Satisfaction Easily!

Caravans can simply be parked wherever people work and shop and turned into a street-side restaurant. In this way, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch near your own workplace, and enjoy the fresh smells of homestyle/traditional cooking while giving your consumers that same warm, happy feeling.
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A Great Way to Become a Micro-Entrepreneur

With this career, it won't be difficult to be successful and expand your business. You won't ever have to worry again about paying back those loans, plus, you can hire workers and become a boss with power.
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Paying it Forward Will be No Issue at All!

The success of your job making Botswanian dishes will likely in turn lead to opportunities for other women to start their own businesses. Also, this job can make it easier to give your children the education they need, as well as provide other family members with jobs.

Awesome Comfort Food dishes