This Week in Room 120

Week of March 11, 2013

Reader's Workshop

Traditional Literature will continue to be our focus this week. We have been reading, analyzing, and discussing examples of traditional literature. We are currently reading

The Brothers Grimm's version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This week we will be looking at magical objects that are found throughout this genre in order to look for commonalities. We will also be talking about the "hero's quest" as it is found in many traditional literature stories. We will be analyzing the reoccurring theme of good versus evil. This theme can be shown through an internal conflict in one character or in an external conflict amongst multiple characters. Finally, we will be looking for common themes throughout stories in this genre.

Writer's Workshop

Writer's Workshop will continue to look at parts of words this week. This skill is very important as a writing tool. The more understandings of how our language works that students have, the better able they will be to write and edit their writing pieces.

Word Study

This week we will be "picking apart" words to find the base, root, prefix, and/or suffix that are within each word. By pulling words apart, readers and spellers are able to decipher what words mean and how to spell them.


The school-wide Math Fair will be on March 13th in the Gebhardt Gym at 1:00. Parents are welcome to come and watch.

This week the 8:00 math group will be working on converting fractions to decimals by division. They will be dividing with multi-digit divisors and interpreting remainders. They also will be estimating divisors in order to become more proficient at choosing a "close" number to start a division problem.

This week the 9:00 math group will be working hard at multiplying decimals. This is an important skill that is first introduced in the fifth grade. It takes a lot of practice to become proficient in this skill!


The Dr. Seuss day at Gebhardt has been rescheduled for this Tuesday. On this day we will be listening to the reading of our students. We are excited to see how much progress each student has made since the beginning of the school year!

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