Time for a Technology Update?

See us in the Media Center to try these!

Trying to schedule a meeting...

...but it is taking too long to coordinate schedules? Streamline the process with a DOODLE!

Go to www.doodle.com and enter multiple meeting times. Invite people to select all times that work for their schedule, and doodle will do the work for you and narrow down the best meeting times! Give it a try for an IEP meeting that needs to involve several people and their busy schedules.

Diving into Flipped Classrooms/Hybrid activities?

I recommend EdPuzzle to add voice over to your video or crop a video to show only what you need. There is also an option to add quizzes for students to answer questions about what they view. Stop by and we can discuss how to work this into your curriculum!


Looking for a FUN and EASY way to communicate with parents?

Use Smore! This flyer was created with Smore for free. It is easy to share with parents through a class email list, or just share a link. https://www.smore.com/app

Would you like to learn how to create QR codes that parents can scan with a phone or iPad for more information? Stop by for a quick tutorial!