Nelson Mandela

Created by: Carly Johnson

Job Info

  • He was an African statesman and not to mention the first African American president from 1994-1999
  • He was also a lawyer

Vote for Nelson Mandela!

He wanted to have black people treated equally.

Why am I for Nelson Mandela?

Because he thinks all people should be treated equally! I'm sure you'd understand.

Why Did He Go To Prison?

Nelson Mandela was convicted of sabbotoge because several bombs that went off were blamed on the African National Congress, or ANC, and he was the leader. Several people were killed and he was imprisoned for murder and sabbatoge. So he ended up going to prison for 27 years! To dumb it up he went to prison because he was against arpetheid (segregation).

What kind of government did he lead?

He lead a democracy as president.

Where Was He World Leader?

He was a world leader in the southern part of Africa.

Personal Life

He was 9 yrs old when his father died. His mother and son died while he was in prison and they didn't let him attend their funnerals. He had 6 children and they were...Thembi (son) who died in a car crash, Mkgatho (son) died of AIDS which stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome at age 57. There were 2 daughters named Makaziwi and one died at nine months old. And his other 2 were named Zeni and Zindzi. He also had 3 wives. The wife he is maried to now is Garca Machel. And after he got out of prison a few years later he was elected for president.

What Were His Governments Beliefs?

There government belief was communism.

How Many Terms Did He Serve?

Nelson Mandela Only served 1 term.