By: D.J. Machale

Human Rights First

As known as the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights protects everyone in what they believe. They help solve the problem or give them ideas on how to make this situation better. In the story, people were wondering why they were trapped. It was urging everyone to know and SYLO wasn't telling anyone anything. I understand that it was that this was one of the Navy force from the president but shouldn't they be alerted about the situation? No one was told a single thing of what happened so it caused people on Pemberwick Island to go crazy. This led to big problems and got some people injured and wounded.

My 3 people

Tori, Quinn, and Tucker have all wanted to know what SYLO was trying to hide. People would always ask but never come out with an answer because if you come in within at least 5 ft of SYLO guards; all I'll say is good luck. No one can trust anyone which is an issue. People shouldn't have to worry about this but SYLO is controlling this. If this committee was able to help Pemberwick Island, I guarantee people would not have an issue if they were warned ahead of time.