A Peek at the Week

November 11, 2018


Just one more reminder that we will have a guest teacher from New York in our building tomorrow along with many teachers from our district. The guest teacher will be modeling in Carraway and White's classrooms with teachers viewing the lesson in our library. Please remind your students to be on their best behavior in the hallways and throughout the day. The library will be closed for students tomorrow.

Exciting News If You Are Interested In Teaching Middle and/or High School

Legislation has recently been passed that allows teachers to add certification areas by exam only without taking the coursework. Certification can be added if Praxis is passed in the 4 contents (math, ELA, science, and social studies) for middle and secondary levels. There are some stipulations. Middle level teachers cannot take the elementary Praxis and teach elementary school due to the reading area of elementary. But, elementary level teachers can take the praxis to teach middle school and/or high school if the Praxis is passed in those areas. If this is something you are interested in pursuing, please send Becky Brady an email, and she will give you the information you need to get started.


Please remember to view the video sent to you by email prior to Monday, Nov. 26th.


We all know that many issues with student behavior occur on the playground. Please be proactive by making sure that you are strategically placed throughout the playgrounds and supervising all areas to eliminate any of these issues. If you take your classes out to the pirate ship playground, make sure that all areas of that playground are in sight. That is a large area to supervise, and it is impossible to supervise all areas if everyone is gathered together in one spot. If you know that you are having issues during this time, switch things up by taking your class to the playground on the hill. While we would hope that students would use this time to decompress and have fun, we know that some students use this time to be ugly with their words and actions. Let's all work together to make sure recess is fun for all of our students.


Please remember to go by the office to proofread and initial your page.

Out of the Building

Matt and I will be out of the building Monday through Wednesday attending a conference. If you need us, we will have our phones. Stacey and Jennifer will have their walkies if you need something.

Upcoming Dates:

Remind your classes to bring in canned foods for our food drive!

Nov. 13th: Fidelis house meeting at 8:30

Nov. 21-23: Thanksgiving Holidays

Nov. 26th: Trauma Kit Training

Nov. 28th: Group pictures for yearbook

Nov. 29th: Class pictures

House Elections

Fidelis will meet Tuesday morning at 8:30. The winners of each election will be announced Tuesday afternoon. I am so proud of the students who have already given their speeches! They did an amazing job!