3S Sensations

Week of 12/8/14

A Note From Ms. Salazar

It has been wonderful sharing each child's progress with you so far. I'm looking forward to the rest of the conferences on Monday. The kiddos work so hard each and every day, I know it's very special to be able to share it all with you!

Some news and updates:

Soda Tabs Service Project

2Mu is still collecting aluminum tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of South Jersey. I can collect the tabs and send them to Mrs. Murphy's classroom.

Appreciating Differences Day: December 19th

To continue our yearly theme of Respect for ourselves, others, and our school this month’s focus will be Appreciating Differences

In celebration students and teachers are encouraged to wear their favorite outfit this coming Friday, December 19. Classroom activities and discussions will help students understand that differences are something to admire, respect, and enrich our lives making us a community of learners.

Important Upcoming Dates:

12/15: Evening Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students

12/15: IEP Progress Reports Available in Genesis, 5 PM

12/17: School Store, 1150-1240

12/19: Battle of The Books Permission Slip Due (Grades 3-5, Optional)

12/19 Appreciating Differences Day

12/23 1230 PM-1/4 Winter Break

1/5 School Resumes

1/8 Geography Bee 130 PM, APR

1/12 Noontime Enrichment Begins

1/13 Winter Concert, 730 PM, HMHS-See Information Below

1/14 School Store, 1150-1240

1/19 School Closed, MLK Day

1/20 Beginner’s Concert, 730 PM, HMHS-See Information Below

1/21 School Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

Spotlight Student!


This past week, our kiddos dove right into different strategies to help us learn our multiplication facts! We learned some shortcuts:

x0 King, x1 Mirror, and x2 Double

They also learned how to use simple facts to learn more difficult ones:

4x6 = 2x6 + 2x6.

Since they know their x2 shortcut, they can easily multiply by 2, then double their product.

Ask your child to tell you about their new shortcuts!

We also explored Multiplication and Division fact families. Students realized that if they know ONE fact, they actually know FOUR facts. This is both encouraging and helpful!

While FACT POWER is definitely important, students are encouraged to continue to use their strategies when solving multiplication problems: Arrays, pictures, repeated addition.

Big image

Baseball Multiplication

Students learned a new game: Multiplication Baseball! It's a fun way to practice their multiplicaiton facts.

Students can log on and play from home.

There is also an app available for purchase.

Play ball!

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Everyday Math Online

Log in to play Baseball Multiplication at home!

Writing Workshop

Our Writers continued to work on their information books this past week. We really focused on organizing the information in their chapters in a logical way. Then, they challenged themselves to link their paragraphs. Finally, writers tried to balance the facts and ideas in their books. Ask your child to share their progress with you!
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Readers' Theater

Strong readers read fluently and with expression. This was our goal as we rehearsed for our Readers' Theaters this week. Students had different parts and practiced reading them with different voices and expression. Check out the first group that performed below! I will post the rest of the groups next week.
Reader's Theatre group 1

Hour of Code

Our class participated in an "Hour of Code" this past week. It was as part of a global movement to bring awareness and interest to computer science. To say the kids loved it is an understatement! The tutorials make use of very popular cartoon and movie characters. The students loved solving the puzzles and watching their characters move thanks to THEIR code!

Check out the video below for more information and to see which celebrities have been CODING! If you're interested in trying out some of the tutorial sat home, you can click on the link under the video. Have fun!

The Hour of Code is here