February 24, 2021

Message from Principal Cullinane

Good afternoon Nashoba Students and Families -

This newsletter has important information regarding next week's transition to hybrid learning. Throughout the newsletter are links to various resources that will hopefully address any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out to the admin team with any questions you may have.

We are able to transition to hybrid learning because we have safety protocols like mandatory mask wearing and social distancing. It is imperative that students follow these protocols so that we can ensure our school community's safety to the best extent possible.

We'd also like to thank our staff for their hard work in getting us prepared for this transition, and our students and families for their patience through this process.

Thank you all. We look forward to seeing our students return next week!

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New Start Time and a Schedule Update

Students - please remember that the school start time has returned to 7:40am!

Also remember that the schedule for all students shifts with the rollout of our hybrid learning plan. See the updated schedule in the letter referenced below.

Important Information For Students

The attached letter outlines what students should expect during their time at Nashoba. It contains essential information like transitioning from class to class, breakfast and lunch protocols, and other routines.

All students should read the letter thoroughly before next week.

Cohort Notification

All cohorts are now accessible in PowerSchool. Please use the following directions to determine Cohort Designation.

Students have all been assigned into a Cohort. We were able to honor all requests made by families who filled out our form asking for a change of cohort.
NRHS Hybrid Welcome


Teachers will continue to take attendance during live classes that take place in-person or remotely.

Students will complete an Attendance Google Form each day during the asynchronous time. Students should check their email, as they will receive more information about this process in the next few days.

Bus Routes and Pickup Times

For students planning on utilizing the bus, please refer to PowerSchool for pertinent information. Bus routes and pickup times will be posted on PowerSchool before the end of the week.

Students riding the bus will be dropped off and picked up in front of the school. Students will not be able to exit their buses in the mornings until 7:30am when the school doors open.

Outdoor breakfast is available to eat outside the school.

Students choosing to eat breakfast or bring a grab-and-go lunch home should know that no eating on the bus is allowed.

Students Being Dropped Off/Picked Up by Parents/Guardians

Student drop off will occur at the auditorium entrance. Students will need to wait in their cars until school doors open at 7:30am. Once the doors open, students should head directly to their first period class.

Breakfast will be available outside the auditorium for students to eat outdoors.

Student pick up will occur behind the school. Parents should enter through the auditorium side, head behind the school, and exit out the student parking. Students should exit the school at dismissal, through the doors at the back of the cafeteria.

Student Drivers and Walkers

Students who have received a parking pass and plan to drive to school should plan to stay in their cars until the doors open at 7:30am. They can then enter the building and head directly to their first period class.

Breakfast will be available outside the student entrance for students to eat outdoors.

Students walking to school should time their arrival at school for as close as possible to when the doors open at 7:30am.

Medication Information

Students are permitted to carry epipens or inhalers on them with a health provider's order.

Please have health care providers fax or mail medication orders to the health office.

Medications that may need to be administered during the school day can be dropped off at your convenience. Please call 978-779-2257 ext 3112 to schedule a time for medication drop off.

Fax 978-965-3968. Email to

Welcome to New Staff Members

We'd like to welcome a few new staff members who will be joining our team as long term substitutes.

  • Patrick Doyle and Heather Hannon will be joining our English Department
  • Crystal Zaimi along with another staff member (pending confirmation) will be joining our Math Department
  • Dave Bailey will be joining our Music Department
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Technology Information

Students who are coming in to the school for hybrid learning should remember to bring their fully charged Chromebook to school, bring their chargers, and shutdown their Chromebook on a daily basis to optimize performance and receive the latest software update (closing the lid isn't sufficient).

Student Athletes

Students participating in after school sporting events are expected to have transportation to and from practice, as outlined in guidance from the athletic office.

Students who come in for a hybrid learning experience, are expected to transport home at dismissal and come back to school at the designated time for the athletic event.

School Report Cards

Each year, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education publishes "report cards" for schools and districts. For the latest report card, please click here.