The Month of Harmony

Facts About the Month

June babies are usually peaceful and harmonious; they seek the gentle side of life. They are filled with warmth and consideration. They value friendship and love and tend to enjoy anything related to harmony such as music, reading or writing. The month's gemstone is a Pearl, which symbolises eternal bliss and harmony.


1. Final days of exam!!!


What to do in summer:

1. RELAX!!!

2. Do anything you want!!!

3. Have fun like there's no tomorrow!

Summer Time

Pikachu and Pikachu

Here is a little comic strip on Pikachu. Click the pictures to see what the characters are saying! Enjoy!




- Maki: A hunter who treasures life and is seeking for a way to harden her heart in order to make a living back at her Hunter Village. She has a calm disposition and likes to be solitary.

- Black Mage: A Black Mage from the Mage Village. He appears to be on an expedition to find the Philosopher Stone to enhance his magic. Why he wants to enhance his magic? Secret. Personality wise, he is warm-hearted and likes to take care of others. Good cook. If not Mage, dream is to be a chef. LOL.

- Takuto: A Soldier from the Soldier/Fencer Village. Believes that Physical Skills are the best offence compared to Magic. Came to Invalice to be reunited with his twin brother who was separated at birth and adopted into a family of Thieves. Doesn't know that his brother was a Thief before coming to Invalice.

- Takeshi: A Thief adopted and raised by Thieves. Unaware of the fact that he has an older twin brother as a Soldier. Although a Thief, he always steals from the rich and give to the poor due to his kind-hearted nature. Also a highly skilled ninja! HAHAHA!

Plot: Four very different creatures, with completely different history, background, culture and skills came to the city of Invalice. And by fate, all of them meet. Their fateful encounters will slowly trigger the beginning of a story. A story that will unravel the mystery, secrets, beauty and legends surrounding the city of Invalice. At the same time, these four unlikely heroes will discover, develop and grow themselves while travelling together.

June 15, 2016

I see, I see. Ahh! Can't wait till exams over then I can start on the visual novel. For now, I should sleep now. It's 12 a.m. Haha! And I have Vectors Part 1 Exam tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get a 100%, or at least close to that.

"Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst."