Stress and how it affects life.

By Crystal Franklin

There are many causes to having stress

There is no definite cause, but you can find out how stressed you are by taking the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, which was developed by Rahe and Holmes in 1967, as a way for people to find out exactly how many stressors they may have. The results of the scale differ for each person, with some people having a little stress, and some have a lot of stress.

There are many ways to cope with stress

You could meditate, by listening to soothing music and clearing your mind, or you could sit back and watch television, or maybe clean as a way to reduce stress. There are just so many ways to kick back and relax, but sometimes you need professional help as a way to truly help. A counselor or a therapist are two people that you can talk to about your fears, stresses, etc.


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