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Week at a Glance Makeover

Please see the shared Google AOEL Building Calendar for this week's supervision, meetings, and building events.

Building Blurb

First Fire Drill! Wednesday morning at 10:00. Please review your building evacuation plans.

Our attendance incentive for the movie and popcorn party starts Monday and ends October 14. If you are unsure about a student's attendance, please ask Crystal. If a student comes to school late or leaves early but has a doctor's note, it will be excused. Angie and Sesha figured out that the marker can be wiped off with hand sanitizer.

The mandated trainings and yearly requirements were emailed on Friday. Please keep track of your own completion. They should be done by March 1st.

Thank you to...

  • Gwyn for rocking her Bomber Diggity speech and making everyone feel appreciated.
  • everyone for being patient with picture day!
  • Cora for recognizing the birthday of the national anthem.
  • Audra and Tanya for all of your hard work in a busy first week of Title and RtI.
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Coming up . . .

Sept. 19 - Panera - Thank you motivational team!

Sept. 20 - Kindergarten classes to Children's Museum (Hornsby and Swanson)

Sept. 21 - 10:00 Fire Drill

Sept. 21 - 2:00 student dismissal for staff professional development

Sept. 22 - First grade to Children's Museum, 2nd grade to Radar Farm, 5th Grade Band Recruitment Night

Sept. 23 - Kindergarten classes to Children's Museum (Ford and Neisslie), Cheer clinic, Midterms sent home

Sept. 26 - School Improvement

Sept. 30 - PBIS Celebration

Happy birthday to you!

September birthdays:

Cheryl England - Sept. 18

Bud Aubert - Sept. 22

Lucy Ford - Sept. 22

Karla Fleming - Sept. 28