Balclutha Primary School - T2, Wk 6

Newsletter 10 June 2022

Principal's Report

Kia Ora e te Whānau and welcome to the end of Week 6.

Winter, and the Winter bugs have hit with a vengeance this week. As well as a small number of COVID cases in our school community, we also have had a nasty stomach bug as well as a number of staff and students unwell with influenza. This week we have had 25% of our students away due to illness.

You may have seen in the media, that some schools have had to resort to sending groups of students home or closing the school due to the large number of staff absences. Some days we have had a number of staff absent but we have been able to avoid closing the school at this stage. Closing the school will be a last resort, but will happen if we do not have enough staff to maintain safe adult:children ratios. Parents can help by keeping unwell children at home to avoid illness spreading to our staff.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this latest health issue.

This week was Support Staff week. This has been an opportunity for us to acknowledge and thank our teacher aides, Jayne our cleaner, Ray our caretaker, and our wonderful Margaret who manages us all. Our support staff are an integral part of our team and BPS wouldn't function without them. I'm sure our entire school community will join me in thanking them for the amazing job they do to support the teaching and learning at our school.

Ngā mihi nui,

Vicki Neave

Paid Union Meeting

Students will be released at 12:30pm NEXT Friday 17 June as the teachers will be attending a Paid Union Meeting.

OSCAR will be available from 12.30pm that day. If you would like to make a booking - please phone 027 315 7253 OR 027 473 1235.

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Whānau and School Update


A huge THANK YOU to all the parents, staff, grandparents, children and friends of the school who helped out during our cheese roll making weekend.

3 full days and 35,000 cheese rolls - what an amazing team effort!

Thanks also to Fonterra Stirling and Balclutha New World for their sponsorship.

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends and keep safe.

Sara Sutherland and Carleigh Frisby

Whanau and School Co- President's

2022 Board of Trustees Elections

Daily Absences

Thank you to all the families who have been phoning, texting or completing an absence using our school app when someone is going to be away. (If you do send your absence via your classroom see saw, be aware, if your child's classroom teacher is away that day, the message may not make it to the Relieving Teacher nor the office, the school app is a very reliable method to record an absence.)

We have had a number of pupils absent each day this week, for various reasons, and it has been very helpful to be able to enter absences on our school system before 9am each day.

Our Teachers check their roll at 9am and they can then see why a child is not at school. Also if there is anyone missing from the classroom and we haven't received a message the teacher is able to record that so the office staff will then follow up - usually straight after 9am - although at least one day this week it took up to an hour to follow up all our unexplained absences.

Please ensure you send absences (or lateness messages) as early as possible, especially before 8.55am - that way we are not phoning you needlessly.

Sports News

Skip, the Sports Activator, is back on Monday. The children have been working on team building this term and we are looking forward to learning some new games.


Draw for Monday 13 June

BPS Yellow vs Romahapa 4:30

BPS Blue vs CV Comets 4:10

Please make sure players are there 10 minutes before the game


Draw as follows

Balclutha A vs Lawrence Navy 12:00 court 3

Balclutha B vs Country Saints Pink 10:00 court 3

Balclutha Blue vs Rosebank Blue 12:00 court 4

Balclutha White vs Country Saints 2 11:00 court 4

Bps/Clutha Valley vs Catlins White 12:00 court 5

Balclutha Green vs Rosebank Pink 1:00 court 5

Room 1

Room 1 had lots of fun doing sports with Tania. We were lucky to try out the new sports equipment.

Room 2

We have been looking at fabric and fibre in Art sessions this term in Room 2. We identified one of the main uses of fabric was to make our clothes, so we used different types and colours of fabric to make collages of ourselves. Here are some of the class pictured with our efforts so far.
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Room 3

Room 3 made ice cream on Thursday. We put milk and a bit of sugar in a snack bag. We put ice and a handful of salt in a larger bag. The salt made the ice colder so that the milk freezes.We put the little bag in the big bag and squished it until it turned into ice cream.

Room 5

Room 5 students working cooperatively to solve multiplication problems.
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Room 6

Room 6 has been using paper planes to learn how to measure. Check out the video.

Room 12

Last week Room 12 was part of the Future Focused learning zoom. We learnt how to use stop motion clips on flipaclip. We really enjoyed learning about this app and looking forward to using it more in the class.
This week, Room 12 looked at everything about Winter. They created acrostic and diamanté poems using adjectives, verbs and nouns.

Room 11

Four of our senior students, Joss, Beth, Maddi and Keira have been taking dance classes during their lunchtime. This video shows the students in action! The girls have worked very hard to coordinate this sequence.
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Congratulations to this week's assembly award winners...

Room 1

Aila Brown - for making a great start to school. You are such a helpful student in Room 1.

Room 2

Joash Bokilis - for lovely contributions during mat time. Joash is using his beautiful speaking voice more in class.

Zack McAlister - for amazing work in Maths and for great listening at mat time.

Room 3

Amalaini Coriakula - for having a positive attitude towards learning and working hard.

Braxton Butcher - for working hard and giving everything a go, and for always doing the right thing.

Room 5

Zavier McLean - for effort and progress in structured literacy.

Toby Knight - for always being prepared for his learning and trying his best.

Room 6

Lucy Jack - for putting 100% effort into her work and being a respecting and caring classmate.

Dhruv Escovar - for working hard and challenging himself while researching information for his information report.

Room 12

Anotida Kasosera - for always listending to the coaches and trying his best at Rippa.

Ollie Sapstead - for stepping up to the challenge of double structured literacy.

Room 11

Keely Shanks - for taking responsibility for her own learning and working so hard in the ALiM group.

Liam Huddleston - for taking responsibility for his own learning and challenging himself to do the best he can!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to...

Aydan Field

Maddox Young

Kodie Burrows-Morrell

Georgia Watt

Sofia Galbraith

Bank Accounts

  • School Saveloys, sport fees and all camp fundraising and donations - 02 0900 0000 452 00
  • Whānau and School, all fundraising (except camp fundraising), school uniforms (2nd hand and new) -
  • 03 1734 0006449 00