Manifest Destiny


What is Manifest Destiny

The 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable.

Indian Removal Act

President Andrew Jackson Promoted the Indian removal act on May 20, 1830. The law authorized the president to negotiate with Indian tribes in the southern united states for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi river in the exchange for their ancestral homelands.

Homestead Act

The government has officially opened the land for everyone for $10 for 160 acres, practically free! the requirements are: you haven't taken arms against the government (this includes freeing slaves, and women), and you must be 21 years or older/ head of family.

Transcontinental Railroad

Its was established by Abe Lincoln 1963 opening on may 10, 1869 with the ceremonial spike ( later often call the golden spike) with the silver hammer at promontory summit Utah

The First Transcontinental rail road also know as the pacific rail road late call overland route was a 1,907 mile Route which dramatically cause travel time to decrease

Klondike Gold Rush

The Klondike Gold Rush started in 1896, when Jim Mason and Tagish Charlie discovered gold near Rabbit Creek in Yukon Canada. Over the next year, so much gold was found that the steamship "Portland" reportedly brought over a ton of gold to Seattle! This is the perfect opportunity to make a fortune finding gold!