January 13 - January 19

Principally Speaking

First Week Back! It is incredible to see the energy with which all staff members came back with. We all missed our students and are ready for the next semester. The following months are crucial for student learning and are typically the most productive ones becasue routines and expectations are already established and students just want to learn! As you meet during the PLCs, please continue to discuss and understand the TEKS, share data analysis and instructional strategies and of course design the most engaging-relevant lessons for our students. Always keep in mind Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, video for the expectations in the NRES cafeteria. We can see that students were Resiliency.

Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions (PBIS):

Nurture respect - Responsibility - Encourage - Soar to success

Last week students viewed the video about the cafeteria expectations. They were vey enthusiastic about the program! Please help students keep their tickets in a safe place. Additionally, you may use intagible rewards in your classroom every Friday for students who earn a ticket. Please write the date on the back of the ticket. Please look at the list of Intagible rewards list. You may have your own rewards and that is fine. The Rocket Store will be up and running the last day of the six-weeks period as well. The video is embedded at the bottom of this newsletter. Many thanks to M.O.B. team for making this possible!

Professional Development

- This year’s KISD Literacy Institute will be held the following 12 days: May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28, June 9-12, and June 16-19. Participants must attend all 12 days to receive credit. Each campus may send up to 5 teachers plus 2 administrators. Please email

Oliver if you would like to commit to this wonderful opportunity by January 24.

- TELPAS window will be coming up soon. If you have an ELL student in your class, you will have to rate his or her english language ability in four domains: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. In order to accomplish this, you will need to take either an online refresher course if you are a returning rater or take he Online Basic Training for New Raters if you are a new rater. If you don't have any ELL students this year on your roster, you are still encouraged to take the returning rater course in order to keep your certification current. The courses will be available the following days using the link Manuals will be here soon but here is the link to it

  1. Online Basic Training for New Raters - Jan. 27- Feb. 15.

    Required training for:Quimbay Maria, Rogish Gloria, Sustaita Cristina, Rodgers Tamala, Mcginty Megan, Albritton Kadee, Schoepflin Candace. Sub will be provided for 1/2 day.

  2. Retuning rater calibration Set 1/Set 2 - Feb. 17-Feb. 28 (Please complete on your own time. It is recommended you start the week of February 17. Required training for: Slawinski Mallory, Gonzalez Sergio, Hernandez Aida, Manjarrez Mayra, Quijano Nidia, Rodriguez Esperanza, Rodriguez Valeria, Baldwin Heather,Branch Diane, Costello Lisa, Hardisty Rhonda, Davis Tina, Fitzgerald Kay, Jackson Jayne, Kneblik Cheryl, Smith Debbie, Tomaselli Dana.


TOP ROCKETS: Please enter your Nomination for 3rd six weeks by January 24.

TEACHER OF THE MONTH: Please enter your Nomination for the month of January by January 24.

STAFF OF THE MONTH:Please enter your Nomination for the month of January by January 24.

Practice Assessments: 3rd and 4th grade will be taking math and reading assessments on January 28,29,30. Please be flexible these days as we modify Co-Curr and lunch times for the grade levels to accommodate the best possible setting for our students.

If you are involved in this process, you will be receiving a google doc invitation called STAAR GROUPS. Please open the document and check that all students needing accommodations are listed. Hopefully, all the details for this round of practice assessment will be complete by the end of the week with your help.

EMERGENCY TEXT: Teachers and Staff, please send a text to (817) 993 6537 and in the body of the message type @mrmuji - We will send you a text message in case of an emergency, weather closings, etc. Please keep in mind that fees may apply from your cell provider.

Weekly Happenings

Monday 13: LOCKDOWN PRACTICE IN THE CAFE (8:20 - 10:20). TPRI-Tejas Lee Window

Tuesday 14: Movie night at 6:00pm. TPRI-Tejas Lee Window

Wednesday 15:TPRI-Tejas Lee Window

Thursday 16: Faculty Meeting (Shelly Shaw & Elaine Plybon to North Riverside- QR Codes)TPRI-Tejas Lee Window

Friday 17: TPRI-Tejas Lee Window

Where is Everyone this Week?

Monday 13: Jackie is off campus.

Tuesday 14: Jackie is off campus. Oliver @ Title 1 meetings AM and PM

Wednesday 15: Jackie is off campus. Oliver @ AP meeting AM.

Thursday 16: Jackie @ AD building PM

Friday 17: Oliver @ AP meeting AM


Hardisty, Rhonda 12-Jan

Sleeper, Krista 13-Jan

Albritton, Kadee 17-Jan

Rodriguez, Esperanza 26-Jan

Youngblood, Cathy 29-Jan