Sherlock Final Project

Choose one of the following activities to complete. Due 3/24


Choose one of the following activities to complete as your final assignment for our Sherlock Holmes unit. The activity must be completed by the March 24th and will count as a project grade. Once you have chosen which activity to complete, you must fill out the Google form linked below.
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Option 1: Adapt a Scene

For this assignment, you and no more than 3 of your classmates will make your own adaption of the final confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty from "The Final Problem." Take whatever approach to the scene you wish to, just remember not to copy or re-do an adaptation we have already seen. On March 24th, your group must submit a script and a video.

Option 2: Pitch a Movie Idea

Choose a written work (novel, play, short story) that you would love to adapt into a movie. Write a proposal in which you “pitch” your idea to Hollywood executives who will decide whether or not to "greenlight" your idea. It should be no longer than 5 minutes long, and provide as much detail as possible: who will star in this film? How faithful will you be to the original text? Where will it be set? What will be some of the film’s highlights? What music might be used on the soundtrack? What will the opening sequence be? You must submit your written pitch and present an oral one to the teacher and a small group of your peers. Visuals strongly encouraged. This assignment can be completed by two people.

Option 3: Adaptation Essay

What wonderful adaptations of books do you know of? Which adaptations can you think of that are terrible? Choose an adaptation of a literary work that you believe was not successful, and write an essay in which you analyze why. Make sure to be specific and cite examples. Your essay must be at least 1 page (CP)/ 2 pages (H) double-spaced.