Best Friends Forever:WW2 Scrapbook

Janniebeth Melendez

Historical Refrences

Explain at least 3 references to REAL Events in your novel.

  1. The Japanese people from Japan bombed pearl harbor and many were killed
  2. The Japanese people were sent to a internment camp because the american's thought they were spy's who want to bomb peoples homes
  3. Some American's who are friends with the Japanese, sent letters to them because they missed them


Dottie (Japanese): young girl, age of 14, a Japanese girl who got moved by the people of America

Louise (American): also a young girl, age of 14, american who makes scrapbook to remember her best friend who had to move away

Main Setting

  1. The book time period is held during WW2
  2. Does'nt say where the event of the story is


Problem: Dottie and Louise were separated due to the American's afraid of the Japanese people attacking Pearl harbor.

Solution: The two best friends stayed in contact by sending letters to each other


My opinion on Best Friends Forever, is that i really like how to best friends stayed connected to each other even though one had to be moved far away so that people would be safe from Japanese people. I would recommend this book to people who want to learn about how two friends of the different race stayed friends even though no one liked the Japanese.