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January 24, 2022



You may have applied to colleges that require a mid-year transcript as part of your application process. A mid-year transcript request must be submitted in order for one to be sent. Please log into My School Bucks, select mid-year transcript on the request and submit it. There is $1 fee per transcript. Once I receive the request, it will be sent by mid to end of January. You can find out if a college requires a mid-year transcript by going to their website.

Transcript requests that come in February or later a Mid Year transcript will automatically be sent.


When a transcript request is received through My School Bucks there are several steps that need to be taken on my end before they can be sent to the colleges. Some of the steps include: making sure the colleges listed on the transcript match Naviance, Common App (CA) is matched, FERPA is waived, the letters of recommendations are completed, if it is a CA school the Advisor needs to complete their portion, etc. This all takes time. So please make sure you are paying attention to your college deadlines and giving us enough to complete everything.

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College deadlines:

  • Please make sure you are putting the correct college deadlines. This date can be found in Naviance. Click on > Colleges I'm applying to > edit > App type. This will give you a list of dates. Please choose the one that applies to you.
  • When you are completing your transcript request in My School Bucks please make sure to use this date.

There are several transcripts submitted on a daily basis and some are due sooner than others. I use these dates to prioritize my work load and use the dates you provide me.

Letters of recommendation:

  • Check with the teachers before requesting a recommendation to see if they are able to complete it in the time you need it.
  • Make sure you are clear with them on the date it needs to be completed.
  • It is your responsibility to follow up with teachers.
  • Please make sure to thank your recommender. This is not a requirement of their job and it takes a lot of work. Thank you cards are a nice memento!

Once you have applied:

  • Please mark that you have applied in Naviance. Click on > Colleges I'm applying to > edit > Have you submitted your application?

Have you heard back from a College?

Have you heard back from a college? Let me know the college decision so that I can update your application status in Navinace.
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Once I receive your transcript request through My School Bucks, I look them over to make sure I have all the information needed. Sometimes I am missing information or need clarification, if that is the case I will send you an email. Please note I will not send your transcript until I hear from you.

If I received your transcript request and I have all the information needed I will send your transcript and send you a confirmation email.

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We are excited about our partnership with Elite Academics and hosting strategic SAT test prep for our juniors. Elite Academics has worked solely with Rock Canyon High School for the past seven years and Legend is now their second school. Elite Academics has a proven track record of helping students excel in test preparation for the SAT and the ACT for multiple years in the Denver Metro area. Starting in February, Elite Academics will be hosting intentional skill based sessions at Legend High School that will lead directly up to the April 13th Colorado School Day SAT exam for all juniors.

Legend High School is committed to college readiness and is proud of the new opportunities for our students. Hearing testimonials from other principals and students that have worked with Elite Academics, we know that we are setting our students up success. Students will receive 20 hours of small group focused practice during the five sessions. Please know that for the first 100 students the cost of the program is $399.00 and all others that sign up will cost $499.00. Please visit the Legend High School homepage to sign up or use this link: LINK. Please see the Elite Academics flier for the test prep dates.

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Class 101 is officially announce the Class 101 Super Junior Program for the Class of 2023. These amazing students are only nine months away from applying to college, and this program is designed for juniors to complete seven goals to prepare for application season!

To introduce this opportunity, Class 101 is offering a free, 30-minute information session with Founder and CEO, Tom Pabin, along with 2 other college planning experts. All interested juniors and parents are welcome to sign-up here:

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October might be the official start of Spooky Season, but your students don't need to be afraid of applying for financial aid! October 1st was the first day your students can submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2022-23 academic year.

Submitting your FAFSA information is the first step your students can take to help secure the money they need to help pay for their education. By applying early, they’ll be eligible for more assistance.

What is the Application Process?

How to Request Transcripts & Letters Of Recommendation

Requesting Transcripts & LOR

Questions? Contact Christy Schwalick

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Community Service Forms

Please click here for the community service forms or pick one up in Post Grad. Completed forms are also turned into Post Grad.

Community Service Opportunities

Click here for a list of Community Service Opportunities.
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Click here for an updated list of Scholarship Information. Please make sure you are checking this regularly, it is updated with new scholarship opportunities.

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Interested in the Military?

Check out the Legend website for information on Military options. Click on Students>Post Grad Info>Military.
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Gap Year programs are rising in interest for graduating high school seniors and are an impactful opportunity to allow students to explore their academic options, engage in international travel and thoughtful exploration of the world's people, places and cultures, and helps many students solidify their academic majors. The Semester at Sea program offers programs for Gap Year students every fall and spring semester.
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Colorado Mountain College

  • Students looking for more information both virtually and in-person, refer to our Admissions Events page!

  • One of my favorite virtual world discoveries was that having a simple link for students to schedule a meeting with me at their own convenience has been a smash success. You can reach me at 1:1 Admissions Session link.

In other news:

  • The CMC Board has approved a new Bachelors degree is Ecosystems Science and Stewardship. Once the Accreditation stamp of approval has passed, we plan to offer it at the Leadville and Steamboat Springs residential campus plus a couple of community campuses. This will be an expansion of our current Ecosystems Science and Stewardship Associates degree. There is no time like to now train our future environmental stewards!

  • Want to know more about our on-campus student housing in Leadville, Spring Valley-Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs. Check out our newly revamped Residence Halls of CMC website.

Colorado Mesa University Scholarship Info

Next steps that are available for students who are admitted to Colorado Mesa University or Western Colorado Community College, a division of CMU.

  1. The housing application is available in MAVzone and room assignments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. A $200 housing prepayment will be requested at the end of the application. If the student cancels their application in writing prior to May 1, 2022 then $150 of this prepayment will be refunded.
  2. Financial aid offers based on the 2022-2023 FAFSA have begun! Please encourage your students to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible for priority financial aid consideration. CMU’s code is 001358.

If you have not applied and may be interested in CMU, please apply for free at with the code CMUCLIMB at the end of the application.

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Please sign up for College Visits in Naviance

I am booking more visits every day! Add colleges that you are thinking about to your “Colleges I’m Thinking About” tab in Naviance. Then you will receive email notifications when those colleges are visiting. If you would like to attend a visit, you will need to sign up in Naviance under the “Colleges Home” tab and you will see the college visits on the lower righthand portion of the page. Most visits are held in the Post Grad Room. Attendance is taken at the visits and you will be excused from the class time while you are at the college visit. No passes are sent. You will need to set a reminder on your phone.

University of Idaho

Tuesday, Jan. 25th, 10am

Post Grad

Fort Lewis College

Tuesday, Jan. 25th, 11am

Post Grad

Western Colorado University

Wednesday, Jan. 26th, 1pm

Post Grad

Texas Tech University

Monday, Jan. 31st, 12pm

Post Grad

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Goddard School Is Now Hiring

Juniors & Seniors: Looking for a hands-on learning experience to start your state certification toward being an early childhood teacher? We would love to help you learn the career and the exciting part would be graduating high school while being a state certified lead teacher for early childhood. We are willing to work with your availability and school schedule. If interested call Crystal at the Goddard of Parker School. 303-805-1700

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Inta Juice

Inta Juice is now hiring. Click here for information.

Dominos Pizza

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We Are Here For You

No matter what path you take, Post Grad is here to help. Employment, Military, College...your opportunities are open!