Raffaello Sanzio

Architect and Artist

Birth and Death

Raphael was born April 6, 1483 in Urbino Italy. In an odd twist, he died fifty-two years later, exactly on his birthday. Raphael spent his life in Urbino until he was twenty one, and then moved to Florence. Four years later, he moved to Rome where he died in 1520.


Sadly, Raphael's mom died when he was only eight. His father died three years later when he was eleven. "His childhood was, according to Peter Schjeldahl, writing in the New Yorker, "sheltered, rich in aristocratic culture, and industrious" " Instead of being nursed by a peasant wet nurse, which was custom of that time, he was nursed by his mother instead. His father did not want Rafael coming into contact with the rougher areas of life.


Now under the care of his uncle Giovanni Santi, he studied under Santi's associate, Timoteo Viti. He was also a member of Perugino's painting firm. When Raphael moved to Florence, he studied and 'borrowed' styles from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo and turned these techniques into his own.


Rafael was an architect as well as an artist, but is acknowledged more for his paintings. Some of his famous paintings include Marriage of the virgin and the Deposition of Christ. Pope Julius the second commissioned Rafael to work on the Vatican, and Julius' successor Pope Leo X put Rafael in charge of the classical structures in Rome.
Under the comission of Pope Julius the second, Rafael created the School of Athens inside on the wall of the Vatican in Rome, were it can still be seen today. Rafael had created it sometime in his twenties. The School of Athens is a great example of philosophy and secularism, and depicts the philosophers Aristotle and Plato along with others searching for knowledge. It displays the impact of the two Ancient Greek philosophers. It also includes some of Rafael's architectual styles shown by the structure of the building.

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