Anna Moore

About Me!

Hello, my name is....

Anna, and I am a homeschooled junior. Even though I'm a junior after this year I will have completed all the credits needed to graduate and I am going to dual-enroll at either Georgia Perimeter College or Kennesaw State University for my senior year.:) My favorite subjects are Literature and Science. This is my second year at GaVS and I love being able to take online classes!


I love movies and books! One of my favorite things to do is snuggle up with my cats ( I have three cats and two dogs) and read or watch a movie! Some of my favorite movies are The Help, The Avengers, Pitch Perfect. My favorite books series right now are Divergent and Crossed. I am always looking for new books and movies to read and watch! My favorite colors are pink, purple, and lime green, my room is filled with those colors! I love soccer, and am always ready to go play with my friends; it is an amazing sport!

somewhere, something INCREDIBLE is waiting to be know. ~ Carl Sagan