ORE Monday Notes

February 8-12


  • Please check the ORE Master Calendar through your Outlook or on our ORE SharePoint for all of the important dates for this week.
  • The Tuesday Staff Meeting will begin in the Media Center at 2:45. All certified staff should plan to attend. Classified staff do not need to attend.
  • A DERBY Planning Meeting will take place on Wed. Feb. 10th at 8:00 in the conference room. As a reminder - the kickoff assembly for each grade level will take place on Monday, Feb. 29th and will follow a schedule similar to what we just used for International Day. More information will be shared following our planning meeting this Wed.
  • Have you reviewed the Lockdown procedures with your class? A drill will happen soon :)
  • This coming Friday and next Monday our ESL students will be involved with testing in the computer lab. Mrs. Dobbins will relocate her classes across the hall to room 400 while this testing is taking place.
  • Teacher Boot Camp will start of Feb. 15th at 3:30 in the Media Center! Check out Jenn Anderson's email for more specific information! Thanks, Jenn for bringing this to our school!

Today is the Terrific Kid ceremony! Please remember to remind the parents of the student you nominated and also please send your student to the ceremony on time.

Family Reading Night with a Bake Sale

This coming Thursday night, 2/11, is Family Reading Night in the Media Center! The teacher assistants have planned a special Bake Sale to raise money to support Donna Helgesen. Please consider contributing to the Bake Sale and also please consider joining us on this wonderful night! Mrs. Wallace will have a guest reader and the students and parents absolutely love this special night in the library.
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Resources for Love the Bus Week

The link below will take you to a great page of resources for your students to use for Love the Bus Week. At the very bottom of the resource page is a card that students can use. http://www.ncbussafety.org/LovethebusNC/index.html

Find some humor with PLC Meetings!

Check out the all so funny Gerry Brooks as he describes PLCs. Now...we know that this is not the case at the absolute best school ever - Oak Ridge Elementary :0 - but I think you will enjoy the humor behind his message! In all seriousness - check out the Oak Ridge PLC Model/Cycle (below the video) that each grade level follows that keep our PLCs effective each week! You are a great team of professionals that collaborate and work diligently to Plan, Teach, and Evaluate! Way to Go, ORE!
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Have a GREAT week and let me know if you have any questions or concerns! - Denise