Wood Shop

Safety Tools and Rules

Don't Throw Tools

Throwing tools can be hazardous to not only yourself but others as well so it is best to use properly and orderly.


When using a hammer it is best to use with caution in a proper manner. be sure to avoid your fingers.


There are two types of screw drivers so it is best to know what type you are dealing when preparing for class. The first is a phillips head screw driver. It has an x shaped slot which matches the screw unlike the second type the flat head which has a single wide strip blade.

Stay Focused

It is best to stay focused on your own work. Not only does it prevent mess ups but its stops distractions between yourself and others.

Proper Clothing

Do not wear loose fit clothes or opened toed shoes it is best to keep the body covered but be comfy as well.

Safety Glasses

It is best to wear safety glasses in order to prevent damage to the eyes such as sawdust. If safety glasses are not worn you can not attend class.


There are multiple types of saws used in class but they are all the same when it comes to danger. When using the saws use caution and proper order.

ABC's of Safety

A- Always

B- Be

C- Careful

Wood Working

Be sure you follow patterns carefully and you have all your needed materials before hand.


It is best to keep hair out of your face. If you are dealing with long hair (boys or girls) it is a good idea to keep it tied back in a ponytail to keep it from tangling in machines.

Be safe not sorry

When in wood shop all directions should be followed if any accidents occur report immediately no matter how minor the situation is.

Danger preparation

Before attending wood shop class you should learn the different dangers and procedures to keep yourself in check and know what you are doing.

Keep an eye out

During Class watch for accidents, listen at all times, and assist any one in need. Accidents can occur at any moment so it is best to look out and know your surroundings.
TAMU Architecture Woodshop Safety