Rankin Bulletin

February 16, 2016 - Bulletin 24

The Week in Review!

Tuesday: 2nd/4th Field Trip; Honor Roll begins at 3:00; Steering Committee Meeting @ 4:10

Wednesday: Late/Early Start @ 8:20; Grade Level Expectation Meetings

Thursday: PBS @ 7:45; I will be out of the building for a sick day and Eric will be covering.


Jane Ann uROCK!! A rough week it was and JaneAnn came to the rescue for many in the office (and building) with chocolate. SHe knew just when we needed it!! Jane Ann u ROCK!

Wednesday PLC & Grade Level Expectations Meetings

The PPSC SLT will be kicking off a few changes in our iROCKS program this week with staff at our Late/Early Start PLC meeting. I would encourage ALL Rankin staff to attend our PLC meeting rather than PLC meetings at other buildings. Please see me if you will not be able to be in attendance. Anna and I will then review the new things with students in grade level meetings in the media center.

Grade Level meetings schedule:

1:00 - 5th grade

1:30 - 4th grade

2:00 - K - 1 (We will meet in the gymnasium as we will be talking about lunchroom expectations)

2:30 - 2 - 3

ParentVue Change

The district opened up ParentVue parent notification with regards to student attendance and grades. This means that if parents sign up for notifications they will be notified of their child's attendance (absence or tardy) and grades by email. This impacts you in that parents will be notified when you enter attendance and grades in synergy based on their preferences on receiving notifications. They can choose several options. I have signed up (for Katie) so hopefully I will know more about this to share on Wednesday at PLC.