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Week of October 13th, 2015
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Native American Projects

The students have really been working hard, collaborating together and bringing a lot of creative ideas to their groups for their Social Studies projects. I asked each group to give me a couple of lines about their projects, and this is what they said.

Julie, Griffin, and Brayden: "We are making the Indians' habitat. They live in the Plains region. We made a tepee and a fire. We also made saddles from wax."

Kendra, Damon, and Tucker C.: "We are building tepees, long houses, deer, people, and bushes. For the bushes, we used cotton balls and painted them green. The deer and people and tepees were made out of paper. The longhouse was made out of spaghetti noodles and brown paint."

Cori, Matt, and Colten: We are making our habitat and having fun. We are painting, using fox fur for deer fur, rocks as berries, sticks for a totem pole, and popsicle sticks to make a longhouse."

Evan, Olivia, Gabriella, and Kasen: "We have been working on the bark ground. We used Popsicle sticks to make the house. We used pipe cleaner for the totem pole."

Isabelle, Gannon, and Dylan Z.: "We are the NE Woodlands. Our triorama is made of paper, kabob sticks, paint, and legos."

Noah, Emma A., and Dylan R.: "We are the from the Plains group. In our triorama, we have a tepee, a person, a horse, a travois, and a winter count."

Emma S., Kayla, and Tucker A.: "Our group did the Southwest. We made a house out of clay. We aso made a fire and made a woven rug."

Jacie, Ethan, and Cael: "We have been having fun with our Social Studies project. We've worked very hard on each individual piece."

They are very proud of their hard work and look forward to showing them off at Conferences.
Native American Projects

Subtraction Strategies

We are working on using a variety of subtraction strategies in Math this Unit. While many of the students already know and use the standard algorithm, we are working on breaking down the numbers by place value. This will help the students be able to solve problems mentally. Many of the students use number lines to help them solve subtraction problems such as the example below.
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