Introduction to Samurai and Bushido

Samurai: meaning "those who serve" were warriors that fought on horseback in armor/helmets with swords and bows; they lived by a strict warrior code

Bushido: meaning "the way of the warrior" was the strict warrior code that samurais followed

Effect of Samurais and Bushido on Japanese Culture

Samurais and Bushido added structure and protection to Japan. Adding samurai as military gave people a purpose and service. Then, they also followed the Bushido which gave rules and laws. You now are completely told how to live your life, and you do not make your own decisions.


Imagine you are a samurai living in Japan during the 14th century. Explain why you became a samurai and describe your duties. I have become a samurai. Before, I was no one. I had no purpose and no meaning. As a samurai, I am a part of something. I am told everything I do and do not do anything myself. I follow the Bushido and listen to everything I am instructed. If I am told to run, I run. If I am told to fight, I fight. With only my sword and bow to protect me, I am ready.